Isaiah James Stall, 21, gained his angel wings in his mother’s arms on December 2nd, 2023. He spent the week surrounded by family. Private viewing will be on December 8th at The Natural Funeral, followed by water cremation—a public funeral to be at a later date.  

Isaiah was born at Presbyterian St Luke in Denver, CO, on December 28th, 2001. Isaiah was a lover of music and attended several concerts. His favorite was the Foo Fighters, whom he saw many times. He enjoyed listening to his daddy play the guitar and sing to him. Isaiah loved watching football, his favorite being the Las Vegas Raiders. Isaiah had a special bond with his grandparents and enjoyed watching the news and reading stories with them. Isaiah loved to travel. He and his mom took many trips. His first was a make-a-wish trip in 2012, where he took his mom, aunt Tanya, and cousin Alexis to Disney World. He had a blast walking around each park and loved meeting some of his favorite characters. It was a trip of a lifetime, and he never stopped smiling. Isaiah loved to go to California, and he and his mama made many trips. On his last trip, he got to take his daddy to California for the first time. He was so excited to go to The Rainbow Bar and Grill and see where Harry Nilsson hung out, Hollywood Guitar Center and see the giant Eddie Van Halen mural, and Laguna Beach, where one of his favorite drummers, Taylor Hawkins, grew up. He giggled while we walked down the street and saw classic cars driving by and honking at him to say hi. Isaiah’s dad was excited to take him to the ISKCON Temple in Los Angeles. Being in Srila Prabhupada’s personal garden meant a lot to both of them. Isaiah heard stories of all the deities and was welcomed with open arms by all devotees. Everyone loved to listen to him giggle. His energy and happiness were welcomed and cherished.

Isaiah always had a smile on his face and a laugh that was contagious. He was the happiest guy and lit up any room he was in. Isaiah attended school at Overland High School in Aurora, CO and graduated in 2020. Isaiah was the class clown at school and enjoyed going to school every day. He liked being the school coffee shop greeter and told everyone, “Good morning.”. He took his job very seriously with lots of giggles, smiles, and snorts.

Isaiah’s favorite thing to do was to go to concerts. He went to so many shows. He has seen Foo Fighters, Metallica, 30 Seconds to Mars, Mastodon, Gojira, Alice In Chains, POD, Flyleaf, Rob Zombie, KoRn, Jane’s Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Idol, Ed Sheeran, Halsey, New Kids on the Block, Salt n Peppa, Debbie Gibson, Stevie Nicks and Ringo Starr to name a few. He was Stevie Nicks’s special guest at one of her shows in Denver: He thought it was no big deal because, of course Stevie would want to meet him. He’s such a little rockstar. He met so many musicians over the years and was loved by them all. He met Garth Brooks even though he wasn’t sure who he was; he did it for his very excited mama. 

Isaiah loved his 2 pit bull dogs, Oliver and Ria. They love him so much. They were always by his side. They knew when he was feeling bad, and they would jump up to his bed to cuddle with him and watch his game shows. They were there when he took his last breath, and we know he will visit them and show them how to get all the peanut butter. Isaiah has always had a special place in his heart for animals, and we were so happy to have such loving dogs who were so gentle with him. 

His favorite place was in his room with his mom, dad, and dogs. He loved to watch old game shows and Josh Scott videos on YouTube. Isaiah’s giggles and smiles are infectious, and we will forever hear his giggles when the sun catches our face, when we hear a Foo Fighter song or a funny noise. Every time we watch Family Feud, we will remember his giggle and how much he loved Steve Harvey. Whenever we see a motorcycle on the road, we will always think of him. If we see a train, we will hear “Peep, Peep” in our heads. He will always be with us, and we will miss him every second of the day.

We are so very thankful for those who made efforts to come see Isaiah, not only at the end, but his whole life. Knowing Isaiah was a privilege, loving him was easy and having him love you back was nothing less than magic. We are thankful for those who didn’t shy away, wore masks, got vaccinated and did whatever they could to protect him from getting sick these last years. We were able to enjoy him longer because of those sacrifices and no words can express our gratitude. Being careful just meant, the party came to him, which he preferred. He was always down for that. He brought the giggles and everyone else brought the love. 

Isaiah is survived by his mother, Jenn Stall, and father, Chuck Ball, both of Englewood, CO; dog siblings Ria and Oliver Ball, of Englewood, CO. Grandpa, Don Stall, of Scottsbluff, NE. Aunts: Tanya (Micheal) Madsen of Torrington. WY, Kristy (Todd) Weglin of Yoder WY, Yasmeen Hernadez and Jessica Jones of Englewood CO, Kristle Campbell (and kids) of Lincoln, NE, Brandi (Thomas) (and Nova) Everson of Las Cruces, NM, Whitney Morgan of Greeley CO and his “Tia” Antonio Tafoya of Taos, NM. Uncles: Neal (Kelly) Patel of Princeton, WV, Bill Stall of Bayard, NE, Doug Stall of Torrington, WY, and Mohammad AbuMuwar of Englewood, CO. Family friends who became family, Leeland and Neela Jim and children of Aurora, CO. Best friend and “sister from another mister” Alexis (Jacob) Bostron, and children Jasper and Azalea of Lingle WY. He had a special relationship with his cousin Brittany Milstead of Torrington, WY, he loved to sit with her and sing and she watched him many summers while mom worked. He had a soft spot for his little cousins, Zoey, Penny, Riley Weglin and Ansel Milstead, all of Torrington, WY, and Addison Stall of Bayard, NE. He loved to go to the zoo with them and watch them play. He really enjoyed being a “big cousin”. Isaiah also had numerous other cousins, family friends, and loved ones. 

Isaiah was preceded in death by his Grandma, Sharon Stall. Grandparents, Ann and Ed Ball. All of which we know were waiting for him and met him with lots of hugs, kisses and many joyous tears. Along with many other family and friends who couldn’t wait to meet him or see him again. 

The family would like any donations to be made in Isaiah’s name to local animal shelters (specifically Dumb Friends League of Denver), Denver Hospice, or Project SolFLower. 

The family would like to thank Denver Hospice for all the kind care we received during Isaiah’s time with palliative care and hospice. Every nurse, social worker, doctor, volunteer, and office worker went above and beyond. We felt so much love and care from everyone there. Big thanks to Cat, Deidra, and Ammie, our last nurses who cried with us, hugged us, and answered every question. 

11 thoughts on “Isaiah James Stall”

  1. Jenn and I “met” years ago, online. Never in person, yet, we became fellow “Sis”s. I learned of Isaiah through her many beautiful photo and video posts. I then learned of Chuck, her and Isaiah’s missing puzzle piece. They became a family, and it warmed my heart.
    I felt, throughout the years, that Isaiah was one of my own. I instantly fell deeply in love with his personality, his smile, his face, his everything.
    His taste in music, chef’s kiss. And, watching and hearing his laugh within Jenn’s videos, was simply music to my own ears.
    I regret that I had never met him face to face, nor have I yet to meet Jenn and Chuck. However, Isaiah will forever reside in my heart and soul, as if we were wonderful friends.
    I love you Isaiah! ❤️

  2. Thank you for sharing Isaiah with us all of these years. He is such a character, & I love that infectious laugh! His smile lights the room. I have loved watching him grow, and I will forever think of him when I hear certain songs/artists or watch particular shows. He was surrounded by such love. My heart is with you, Jenn & Chuck ❤️

  3. Thank you for already waving to me buddy. I’ll think of you every time I hear FF. (Which happens to be a lot!) Love you and your mom dearly!

  4. I will never hear linkin park/30 seconds to mars witgoutthinking of yall and mostly of Isaiah’s big ole smile. Watching you’re adventures was always a bright spot. Anytime i had a bad day I swear I’d get online and see a pic with his smile and my day was better. We love you all.

  5. Isaiah it has been many years since we’ve seen eacother but I was your Services Coordinator at ESU #13 when you were just a baby. I have followed you as you grew into the amazing man you were. I’m sorry to hear of your passing but I’m thankful you and your mommy got many years together.

  6. Hello, I have never met you Jenn but I’m sure you’re as wonderful as Chuck. I have lived through your Facebooks and feel like I have known your son for years. He is walking and running and in perfect health now. I know it will never get easier for you all but you can have solace in the fact he no longer has to suffer from his ailments. Praying for you all and thinking of you all during this time. ❤️ Much love

  7. Jenn and Chuck, I’m forever grateful to be able to watch isaiah grow from a distance. Isaiah had the best smiles and the best giggles. So much so that one night I dreamt of him giggling so much that there’s no way it was real. I’m forever grateful to have known such a fine young man. Through you Jenn, Isaiah lived such an incredible life. Especially through music. Isaiah could not have asked for better parents.

  8. Isaiah was such a light in this world. He was always smiling, and although communication was hard for him, he always found a way to let us know just what he was thinking, whether it was on his communication device, his recordable button, or just with his eyes, his smile, and his gestures! I will miss his beautiful soul and spirit!

  9. Jenn, you are such an amazing mom. You gave him the most amazing life!
    Isaiah, I have no words to express how much you are missed. Nova has been processing in his own way. I’m sad I will never hear your laugh in person anymore. I’m grateful for all the photos I have of us and you with nova. Camp was such a great time for the two of you! Of course mom and aunt Brandi had a blast too! Please know, you will be thought of and talked about for the rest of our lives. You three are such a huge part of our family. I loved going to 30 Seconds of Mars with you and mom! That was such a blast. Thank you for letting me fly in and tag along! I miss you buddy… I miss you a lot. Enjoy running and skipping along while you wait for us to folllow you! I love you Isaiah. I love you Jenn and Chuck!

  10. In 2014 I got the privilege of meeting and working with Isaiah. Isaiah was a student at Prairie and I was a para. Isaiah and I hit it off pretty quickly when his mom told me about the music he liked. This dude had seen more rad musicians than me. His mom had taken him to see everyone! Jen had photos with every rock musician, including Dave Grohl and Isaiah smiling ear to ear! We used to watch Sound City during our lunch time and laugh when the singer from Fear would swear. I had the most fun laughing with him when he swore or trying to get him to look at these Dave Grohl photos his mom had on his Tobii!! He had sweet Vans, the best hoodies, and great taste in music. Isaiah also had the BEST laugh and we laughed a lot, mostly at my expense. They still tell the story of the G tube explosion after we tried to blend up blueberries ???? Isaiah was one of a kind and I will always be grateful for the belly laughs we shared. My thoughts are with his family ❤️❤️

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