New Deathcare Professionals COver Boulder CO Funeral Home And Cremations

Natural Transitions

The Natural Funeral supports the broad educational work of Natural Transitions (a non-profit founded in 2003 by The Natural Funeral co-founder Karen van Vuuren). Natural Transitions provides education on holistic and natural approaches to end-of-life and publishes a bi-annual magazine to connect and inspire the international natural deathcare community. Sign up HERE for the free E-Version. Natural Transitions also offers workshops and other educational events.

The Natural Transitions resource library will be available at The Natural Funeral’s Living Arts Center in Lafayette when it opens on completion of the current renovations.

Funeral Consumers Alliance

The Funeral Consumers Alliance is a national non-profit organization founded to protect consumers’ rights. The Natural Funeral subscribes to the FCA’s call for transparency in funeral service provision.

Green Burial Council

This national non-profit organization which sets standards for certifying green burial service providers in the United States.

National Home Funeral Alliance

Karen van Vuuren of the Natural Funeral is a founding member of The National Home Funeral Alliance, a non-profit providing information about how families can engage in caring for their dead in a time-honored tradition.

End of Life Document Checklist: A Complete Guide for Families

Here’s a thorough checklist of things to think about when you’re making plans, put out by The Mesothelioma Center.