Tree 3 Lafayette CO Funeral Home And Cremations

Our Values and Ethics are the foundation of our funeral company.

We explain our core values and ethics to all our client families when we first meet them.

Our Core Values

Consumer Choice – one of our most important values. We founded The Natural Funeral to offer natural funeral services and a range of simple, natural, beautiful, locally made products at affordable prices. Choice at The Natural Funeral also includes access to our holistic counselors and grief therapists. Our experienced, compassionate staff will inform you of all your options, without pressure, to meet your needs.

Families’ Rights. Families are at their most vulnerable when facing the loss of a loved one. We recognize this and strive to inform you of your rights and options as a consumer, without pressure and with full transparency. Death is a significant rite of passage, and The Natural Funeral supports families to honor this according to their beliefs and practices. This is your loved one and your experience of loss, so we invite you to participate in any way that might bring healing and feels right to you.

Environmental Sustainability. We provide natural products and services, which lessen the ecological impact of our final footprints. We do not offer chemical embalming. We support natural care of the body that is gentle, non-invasive, and uses pure essential oils.

Aesthetics. We believe that beauty can be a tonic for loss. In our experience, even the smallest aesthetic touch can uplift us at a time of grief and loss. It may be the poem we give you when we deliver the ashes, or the hand-made cremation urns crafted from gourds and customized to reflect the personality of your loved-one.

Community. The Natural Funeral is a resource for all. We are invested in bringing people together in advance of death to create educated and informed consumers. We believe in open discussions about end of life, and created our living arts center to host seminars, grief groups and other educational, inspirational events.

Our Code of Ethics

Core Values. We personally pledge to operate according to The Natural Funeral’s Core Values.

Transparency. We strive to inform you of all aspects of the services and products we provide, so you can make informed choices.

Client Needs Come First. We will never pressure you to purchase products or services you do not need or want. We use our experience and intuition to guide us to serve you in the best, most potentially healing way. We will always ask for and listen to client feedback.

Respect All Beliefs. We will respect and honor all our clients’ beliefs. Our only agenda is to deliver exquisite personal care and to make your experience with The Natural Funeral the best it can be.

Our Business Management Practices

We are committed to hiring the most skilled, compassionate and dedicated staff.

Our executive staff encourages open discussions and creative input from all our team members.

Our internal deliberation process is in accordance with Art of Alignment principles created by Patty Beach of All staff members are trained in this effective, peaceful decision-making strategy.

Statement of Inclusion

The Natural Funeral and its staff commit to developing and maintaining an inclusive community and a safe, accepting environment for all, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, race, national origin or ancestry, citizenship, religion or faith, age, physical ability, medical condition, socio-economic status, marital or pregnancy status, family structure, or available genetic information.

Land Acknowledgement

The Natural Funeral and its staff acknowledge that we live and make our livelihoods on the ancestral lands of the Hinóno’éí (Arapaho), Cheyenne, and Ute Nations, and that Colorado’s Front Range is home to many native people.