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What is Reverent Body Care™?
We specialize in water cremation, (see the short video above) and green burial. We also offer conventional flame cremation. We are Colorado's first independent, holistic funeral home. Watch this short video for a virtual tour of The Natural Funeral's Boulder county center in Lafayette.

Serving the Boulder Denver metro area and beyond, our friendly, holistic funeral staff co-creates funeral plans with you, in accordance with The Natural Funeral's code of ethics and values.
Reverent Body Care™ is how we care for and honor your loved one at death. We gently wash and anoint the body with essential oils. We invite family to participate to the degree that they want. This ceremony can be profound and healing.
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Make an appointment to find out about green burial, water cremation, flame cremation or Reverent Body Care™. We are here for you whether you want to plan and pre-pay or need our services now.What to do after a death depends on the circumstances. Was it an expected or a sudden, unexpected death? We'll always explore all natural death care options with you and honor your families needs, wishes and beliefs.
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The Natural Funeral won as the Best New Business in the Boulder Weekly Survey 2019.
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Check out our calendar for all events at our Lafayette, Boulder county center. Call us to schedule an appointment for a tour and chat.
The Natural Funeral won as the Best New Business and Best Independent Business in the Boulder Weekly East County Survey 2019.



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We are an independent, Colorado funeral home serving the Boulder-Denver metro area and beyond. The Natural Funeral is dedicated to providing exquisite, holistic, personalized care. Watch this short video for a virtual tour of The Natural Funeral. We offer green burial, cremation and Reverent Body CareTM.

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NEWS. The Natural Funeral now offers Water Cremation (also known as alkaline hydrolysis). It’s available to all our clients in the Boulder-Denver metro area and beyond. Water cremation uses water and alkaline compounds to create a sterile, nutrient-rich liquid that serves as a super fertilizer. You can receive a small, token amount of this bio-nutrient back or donate it. Water Cremation really does allow you to “become a tree” because this most precious of fertilizers supports plant growth.

You also receive back cremated remains (the bone fragments) just as you would after a conventional flame cremation. These cremated remains can be buried or scattered.

The Natural Funeral’s first water cremation client in Boulder county told us, “I just want to be compost.” That was before she knew anything about alkaline hydrolysis. Clearly green burial is an efficient and simple way to return our remains to the earth. But some of us are no longer wedded to the idea of having a burial plot that future generations will visit. We also may not want to take up space.

Water cremation is a way to accomplish the same natural process of decomposition as green burial. It simply takes much less time, hours, rather than years.

If you would like to know more about water cremation, call 720-515-2344 or email us at The Natural Funeral for an appointment.


  • stars 5 yellow  Reach out to the Natural Funeral folks if you seek compassionate understanding, support and skillful accommodation for the needs of a dying loved one.

    photo Daniel Wentworth

    stars 5 yellow  We were in a challenging position with meeting the desires of our dearest friend who lived in the mountains outside of Boulder, and the folks from Natural Funeral came through on every aspect. We were relieved when they came to us and took considerable time in getting to know our precious friend and her wishes, which included finding a way for her to stay on the land she loved. That day we all learned about water cremation to her great relief, and just as importantly, that she and we as caregivers were given agency in shaping every aspect of how to honor our friend along the way. The Natural Funeral staff were true to their word of leading or being as present as we needed them in some moments and letting us pace and care for other parts as they unfolded. They gracefully supported us through a very tender and difficult time that ended up feeling about as right as can be for such a challenging transition. Thank you!

    photo Mark Kalen

    stars 5 yellow  Karen and Seth were incredibly compassionate and understanding of our needs during a very difficult time for our family. This experience was completely different from others at more traditional funeral homes, in the very best of ways. We felt our loved one was well cared for and treated with great respect. We felt so fortunate to have found The Natural Funeral, and I would (and have) recommend it highly. Thank you for making a very difficult situation a lovely experience.

    photo Madeline Wilson
  • stars 5 yellow  My family and I had a great experience working with the Natural Funeral, even while dealing with a very stressful situation. The Natural Funeral group make the process simple by coming to us to meet, they gave us a phone number to arrange pickup when the time came, and went out of their way to show empathy during this time! They worked with us to find the package that fit our needs as well as our budget! They made an error and sent out the wrong number of death certificates, however they called us before we had a chance to bring it to there attention and got it correct with no additional effort from us. They truly went out of their way to show compassion and helped ease our minds while dealing with the loss of our family member. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. The level of great customer service, compassion, and expertise they showed made the process easy during a really hard time for my family.

    photo Dawn Jolly

    stars 5 yellow  I would give this organization 6 stars if I could! During the most difficult time in my life, The Natural Funeral Home stepped into my home/life and created a space for love, connection & honor- not only for my husband, who had passed, but for my family. They gently guided us through a remarkable process- reverent body care & anointment- this ceremony allowed up to honor our loved one in such a deep and meaningful way. Their support did not stop there. They continued to provide ongoing support in so many areas..... They are a truly wonderful group of human beings making what was one of our most darkest moments a little lighter. Thank you Karen, Iris, Madi and the rest of The Natural Funeral Home team! We will forever be connected.

    photo Gina Finney

    stars 5 yellow  Truly a beautiful service and one that will be Remembered with love as we said goodbye to a dear friend!

    photo Elaine English
  • stars 5 yellow  My dear friend died suddenly and the kindness and beauty that was extended to his friends and family was beautiful! The ceremony where family and friend could share stories and offer flowers to our friend as he journeyed to other places made this ceremony meaningful in our memories! I have seen our friends brother since and he shares how the service impacted and helped in his grieving and his memories!

    photo nancy english

    stars 5 yellow  The Natural Funeral provided the most wonderful and calming experience during an especially difficult time for our family. Sophia and Madi went out of their way to assist the family in every step of the process, easing our minds during our time of grieving. When we asked for Green Burial, they worked to help us make the best choice, explaining the whole, natural process. They also coordinated with the cemetary and the originating funeral home for transport from another state during an ice storm! In addition, they assisted with the online and newspaper obituary, which turned out beautifully. Then, when plans suddenly changed, they did not charge for all their extra work, sincerely wishing the best for our family. We could not ask for a more empathetic, caring and excellent crew than the folks at The Natural Funeral. We thank them for their outstanding service to our family.

    photo Lynnea Gox

    stars 5 yellow  The Natural Funeral helped our family create beautiful end-of-life rituals to celebrate the passings of each of our parents. Karen and the other staff led us gracefully through caring for them at home after their deaths. Even family members who were initially reluctant to participate expressed much gratitude for the experience. Thank you!

    photo Kathleen Starr
  • stars 5 yellow  The folks at The Natural Funeral were wonderful to work with. They provided us with many options and took the time to understand what my husband wanted and how they could best support our family. Weeks before my husband's death, they provided us with a cardboard casket (for cremation) that we invited family and friends to decorate. It became a deeply meaningful sharing - one that I don't think would have happened with anyone else. For compassion, creativity and meaning, I highly recommend The Natural Funeral.

    AOh14Ght0Q qgr850bDbl3zx tNLaJOM6jNgKQvXZWTv=s128 c0x00000000 cc rp mo?sz=100 Amy Divine

    stars 5 yellow  Seth and Karen's care of our friend upon her passing, and their care of us - those of us who were present at the time of her passing - was exquisite. We experienced the whole team as thoughtful, kind, skillful, and supportive. The Natural Funeral is a local gem and a national leader, suitable for anyone who wanted to, wished to, or did live from their heart during their life.

    AOh14GhctwSCpVYhYhlasd38ACA wSxt 9WYDcsGPWEGfQ=s128 c0x00000000 cc rp mo?sz=100 Katannya Walkker

    stars 5 yellow  Karen and Dan helped our family with arrangements when Kathleen my husband's sister passed away. Karen and Dan came to house the day before Kathleen died and helped our family craft a plan for Kathleen's service which we reviewed with Kathleen and she approved. This gave us peace knowing she was in favor of our approach. I think it also gave. her peace of mind knowing we were all unified. Kathleen passed that night. Karen and Dan's guidance that day helped us handle it calmly. Instead of whisking her away, we held a vigil at her bedside until all family members were able to arrive. This was a sacred and bonding time for all of us. Had we not had the support and guidance of the Natural Funeral we would not have known that we could wait that long, dress her ourselves and just be with her that day. i am so grateful for this compassionate support that empowered us in a time when we were all so tender.

    photo Patty Beach
  • stars 5 yellow  The Natural Funeral provided compassionate, professional, individualized postmortem care for my family member. The staff really listened and provided the natural experience my family member wanted while being kind and generous throughout. They went above a beyond during a tough time and our whole family is grateful. Highly recommend this company.

    photo Francesa Weinberg

    stars 5 yellow  Ben Martin’s skillful gathering of stories, information, images and readings created a memorial for my mom that no one expected to feel as comforting or uplifting as our Zoom memorial did. My family and friends from around the world and across generations who in “normal times” would be unable to attend were absolutely thrilled to join. Long-lost friends or peripheral recent acquaintances who may have declined an in-person memorial shared, reminisced and did not feel like outsiders. In retrospect I would choose to hold a virtual memorial in addition to a small in-person local gathering even if there were no COVID restrictions. It was that successful!

    photo Jeannette Sutton

    stars 5 yellow  Karen and Dan at The Natural Funeral Home were so supportive to me after my mother passed. They were able to come over the same day and we did an essential oils water cleansing ritual which brought so much peace. They were everything you would want or need at a time when your fragile.; Calm, peaceful, understanding, compassionate and articulatein discussing sensitive matters. They made this process easier. I highly recommend them.

    photo ashleigh sinclaire
  • stars 5 yellow  This organization serves families in a unique and wonderful way. They truly serve their purpose by educating and supporting families about choices that fit for them in their time of need. So glad to have this organization in our area.

    photo Sara Benson

    stars 5 yellow  Unexpected deaths are very traumatic and difficult to understand and to deal with. Karen and the staff at The Natural Funeral guided us through the process with kindness, caring and love. I highly recommend them.

    photo Wendy Stoltman

    stars 5 yellow  The Natural Funeral is an oasis of care during difficult times for family. The options are extensive and environmentally friendly. The products they offer are made by local artists and absolutely gorgeous. The energy and commitment to the process and family are unparalleled. I am so happy and relieved they are open!

    photo stephanie schacht
  • stars 5 yellow  We had a wonderful experience with Madi and The Natural Funeral. Very knowledgeable on all options and some I’d never heard of. Highly skilled, helpful, relieved all anxieties and ensured a beautiful event. We endorse and encourage you to work with this company without hesitation!!❤️

    photo Holly K

    stars 5 yellow  The Natural Funeral supported me through the loss of my son by creating a beautiful, sacred home vigil which gave me extra time to process the loss before his cremation and natural internment in a biodegradable urn that will support a memorial garden. Everyone at The Natural Funeral was so kind, compassionate and honoring of my feelings and in how they cared for my son as well. I highly recommend The Natural Funeral.

    photo Katerina Getchell

    stars 5 yellow  The services provided by The Water Crematory were exceptional. Every aspect from initial consultations to body collection were professional, caring and respectful. I would highly recommend their services for the loss of a loved one.

    AOh14Gi6QzaxDwu7f4OLJR  HDW yyYrpEaItghi7YeI=s128 c0x00000000 cc rp mo?sz=100 Robert Kerr
  • stars 5 yellow  Karen was a great help to our family with the tragic loss of our stillborn grandson. Karen helped us know what our options were, communicate with the hospital, review our plans and allow us to do our own vigil and natural burial for our dear baby. We can not say enough about Karen and Seth also appeared at just the right moment o keep things going smoothly. You have more options than you think but you need someone with the knowledge and experience to help you through it.

    photo Rudolf Steiner Health Center

    stars 5 yellow  The Natural Funeral is a place of exquisite personalized care. Through deep listening and attentiveness, they were able to provide us with just what we needed; both at the exact right time and throughout the entire experience. In my opinion, they are number one on the Front Range.

    AOh14GhTmDK WeSOdTXoHZp7m2o3ZGv09KKhENYhWQOw=s128 c0x00000000 cc rp mo?sz=100 Kristin Dura

    stars 5 yellow  My wife passed away on 6/28/2019 from metastatic breast cancer. She was a librarian who helped develop a library public outreach program on death and dying. Through this outreach program, my wife became great friends with the outreach program's founder. Through this friendship, my wife learned about The Natural Funeral in Lafayette, Co. Among my wife's last wishes was to have friends and loved ones gathered around her, and to enlist the services of The Natural Funeral for the wake following her death. In the tradition of home vigils/wakes common in America until recent times, Karen's body was kept in state using ice packs. The wake was held at our house the morning after my wife's passing. It was an intimate setting where visitors could pay their respects and choose to view my wife's body if desired. After her body was reverently prepared for the vigil/wake, her body and face looked beautiful and restful. In my opinion, our home vigil was a much more sacred and intimate way for family and friends to pay their last respects. Everyone from The Natural Funeral was very helpful and respectful during the entire process. They came over to our house before my wife passed away and provided great guidance on their services and what to expect. I'm grateful The Natural Funeral was part of my wife's life and end-of-life. They enabled intimacy and reverence during my wife's passing and also during the vigil on the following day. I'm eternally grateful to TNF staff for their professional and respectful conduct during an emotionally vulnerable moment. -Andy

    photo Andrew Sheldon
  • stars 5 yellow  These folks at the natural funeral home are wonderful. My husband died in a very traumatic way and we were a total mess because of it. The staff there were so caring and compassionate. They were absolutely amazing in helping us to bury him. I would totally recommend them. The respect and how they honored my husband was so healing. They were so good at following our wishes. Never once did I feel like they didn’t “get” where I was coming from. They definitely “get” cultural sensitivity. They returned my calls even on holidays and in the wee hours of the morning. It was an Amazing experience, even though the experience of his death was traumatic. I don’t know how they managed to do that, but they did.

    AOh14GjqgkFM9KCpoD 9I4CS49G2ZSfeTKxtZDg2Qd28=s128 c0x00000000 cc rp mo?sz=100 Jolena Brusha

    stars 5 yellow  Prescott and team did a lovely job of ensuring our friend would be remembered in the most wonderful way. I participated in the memorial itself, and Prescott took the time to ask me about my personal relationship with my friend and dove into other aspects that would help paint a good picture of the best tribute possible. Furthermore, when we had a technical glitch with the music that was going to accompany me he went out of his way to make sure it was taken care of. I'd highly recommend The Natural Funeral for a lovely way to honor those you care about.

    photo Kerri Driscoll

    stars 5 yellow  My father was both a friend to and volunteer at The Natural Funeral and he was very passionate about the service and care they provide. When he died at the end of March, the whole team at TNF, and especially Seth and Vicki, treated both my dad and our family with such loving care. It was exactly what he would have wanted for himself and brought our family such peace to know he was in the best of hands. Anyone facing the death of a loved one would be very lucky to do so with TNF by their side.

    AOh14Gjxh9x4yQZ2ZtacuS7D5QgizyYindzy8DTOSSSd=s128 c0x00000000 cc rp mo?sz=100 Dara Delehant
  • stars 5 yellow  The most meaningful choice for my dear friend was Water Cremation. She was an avid gardener and had a deep reverence for all living things. To return a part of her to the earth she loved, in support of life, felt correct. Family and friends also shared in taking part of her essence in remembrance. A wonderful experience!

    photo susan nemcek

    stars 5 yellow  I can't say enough about the wonderful experience and care we had during our time of loss with the Natural Funeral Home. Within hours after our loved one had passed they came to our home. With the guidance of the care takers we assisted in the reverent body anointing ceremony. It was a beautiful hands on honoring of the sacred body/vessel/temple left behind with warm essential oils, prayers and song. We also choose to have a 2 day 3 hour vigil in the funeral sanctuary that was small, intimate and lovely. There was more singing, prayers, rituals and lots of flowers. It was a beautiful area that they helped us set up as creatively and uniquely as we wished. Visitors could come at their convivence and stay as long as they wanted. The staff or the Care Team : Karen, Madi, Seth and Dan were so compassionate, professional and valuable in all aspects. They had all the information that is necessary after a loved one passes. It made my responsibilities so very less complicated and easier. We choose cremation and they assisted us with our traveling by calling airlines and packaging the cremains in special container for flights. They also had the traveling certification papers and death certificates readied. I would recommend their services for any family during their time of loss. They're excellence is in creating an intimate unhurried closing experience for remaining loved ones. We will forever be grateful for their love and compassion. TI

    photo Terri Irving

    stars 5 yellow  Kind, caring, compassionate, accommodating, generous and as knowledgeable as you could want -- the whole team got our family through mighty tough times. We did a natural burial and reverent body care for mom. So much healing and comfort taking care of your family in what felt like your very own home (I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience this in today's world). Everyone at the Natural Funeral went above and beyond -- staying very late, helping us find a green burial cemetery, anticipating many needs. IN all, they provided much needed stability when we needed it most. I simply could not be more grateful.

    photo Stuart Pixley

The Natural Funeral is a holistic funeral home and cremation service provider in Colorado. We have a long and proud history of providing our client families with caring, compassionate service during their most difficult times. We serve families at their time of need with unique and personal celebrations of their loved ones.  We also help people plan ahead, so their wishes are honored after they die. We offer ecological and conventional cremation and burial services in LafayetteBoulder, and Longmont, CO.