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We arrange burials, cremations, and memorials, but with simple, natural, eco options and a holistic approach to your needs. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff will plan your funeral without obligation or overselling, in accordance with our code of ethics and values.We are an independent, Colorado funeral home dedicated to providing exquisite, holistic, personalized care. Watch this short video for a glimpse of The Natural Funeral. Find out about our wonderful new center in Lafayette, Colorado.We are the changing face of the funeral industry. We provide a range of more natural products and services that are gentler on the earth, and use fewer resources.
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Make a no-cost, no obligation appointment to talk through your wishes and create a funeral plan with our natural funeral staff. Whether you are planning ahead or whether death has occurred, we want to help.What to do after a death depends on the circumstances— whether it was expected or unexpected, where the death occurred, and your family’s needs and wishes. We can help you figure out what you need to do next.
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Please take the survey and write us in as Best New Business and Best Independent Business. We are grateful for your confidence in us. Survey ends Sept 31.We were delighted to have been selected as a Social Venture for the 2019 CO Impact Days.We would be delighted to get to know you. Please call us to schedule an appointment just to chat.


A brief video about The Natural Funeral

We are an independent, Colorado funeral home dedicated to providing exquisite, holistic and personalized care. Watch this short video for a glimpse of The Natural Funeral. We offer green burial, cremation and Reverent Body CareTM.

We have a new service called Water Cremation. The process uses water and alkaline compounds and results in a sterile, nutrient-rich liquid that serves as a super fertilizer. You also get “cremains”, just as with flame cremation, for burial or scattering. Water Cremation does allow you to “become a tree”.

If you need us, we can respond right away or if you wish to make abstract plans for a far off event or if you are just curious. At The Natural Funeral we are available and want to talk to you. Call us and make an appointment.

We consider ourselves different from other funerals homes because of the extra effort we make to include the family in every aspect of death care. We listen to how you envision your family’s service should be and work alongside you to make it so. We have a strong commitment to honoring your values, so that your beloved leaves this world in alignment with how he or she lived.

The Natural Funeral is based in Lafayette, Colorado and we consider Boulder County to be primary service area. However our reach is regional. We have served clients in Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Jamestown, Nederland and many other locations in Boulder County.

We have also expanded outward to serve clients in Jefferson County, Adams County, Douglas County, Ward County, Larimer County, El Paso County and of course, the City and County of Denver.

The entire Denver metro region is in our scope, but we will consider attempting to help any family in Colorado. Call us and we will let you know how we can help you.