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We arrange green burial, water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis or green cremation), conventional flame cremation, Reverent Body Care™ and memorials. Serving Boulder county and beyond, our friendly, holistic funeral staff co-creates funeral plans with you, in accordance with The Natural Funeral's code of ethics and values. We are Colorado's first independent, holistic funeral home. Our backgrounds are in hospice, elder care, as well as natural death care. Watch this short video for a glimpse of The Natural Funeral. Visit our downtown Lafayette, Boulder County center.Visit our Lafayette, Boulder county center and you will see why we are the new face of the funeral industry. We care about aesthetics (our funeral home is beautiful), we care about offering you green funeral options, and we care about your long-term healing from loss.
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Make an appointment for tea to talk through your wishes and create a funeral plan. We're here for you whether a loved-one has died or whether you want to pre-pay for the future.What to do after a death depends on the circumstances. Was it an expected or a sudden, unexpected death? We'll always explore all options with you and honor your families needs, wishes and beliefs. Even in the most challenging of circumstances, we create the most meaningful, personal, and healing after-death care, with choices you will not find elsewhere.
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The Natural Funeral won as the Best New Business in the Boulder Weekly Survey 2019.

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Check out our calendar for all events at our Lafayette, Boulder county center. Call us to schedule an appointment for a tour and chat.
The Natural Funeral won as the Best New Business and Best Independent Business in the Boulder Weekly East County Survey 2019.


A brief video about The Natural Funeral

We are an independent, Colorado funeral home dedicated to providing exquisite, holistic and personalized care. Watch this short video for a glimpse of The Natural Funeral. We offer green burial, cremation and Reverent Body CareTM.

NEWS. The Natural Funeral now offers Water Cremation (also known as alkaline hydrolysis). It’s available to all our clients in Boulder county and beyond. The process uses water and alkaline compounds to create a sterile, nutrient-rich liquid that serves as a super fertilizer. You can receive or donate this bio-nutrient Water Cremation really does allow you to “become a tree” because this most precious of fertilizers is an incredibly powerful biostimulant to support plant growth.

You also receive back “cremains” (the bone fragments) which is also what you receive after a conventional flame cremation. These cremains can be buried or scattered.

Our first water cremation client in Boulder county told us, “I just want to be compost.” That was before she knew anything about alkaline hydrolysis. Clearly green burial is an efficient and simple way to return our remains to the earth. But some of us are no longer wedded to the idea of having a burial plot that future generations will visit and do not want to take up any space.

Water cremation is a way to accomplish the same natural process of decomposition, where we benefit the land and all life. But it takes much less time for that to happen, hours rather than years.

If you would like to know more about water cremation, call or email us for an appointment.

The Natural Funeral is based in Lafayette, Colorado. Boulder County is our primary service area. However because we are a holistic and natural funeral home in Colorado, and families seek us out, our reach is regional. We have served clients in Lyons, Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, Westminster, Jamestown, Nederland, and many other locations in Boulder County.

We have also expanded to serve clients in Jefferson County, Adams County, Douglas County, Ward County, Larimer County, El Paso County and, of course, the City and County of Denver. The entire Denver metro region is within our service area,