cremation services in Longmont, CO

“Be prepared” is the Boy Scout motto. Wouldn’t you agree that it is a much better plan than praying to win the lotto?

We buy insurance for things like fire, theft, floods, and damage to our cars; all things that may or may not happen. Doesn’t it make sense to plan ahead for the one thing we absolutely know will happen? I am talking about pre-arranging your own funeral services, friends.

I know that some of you are motivated by the prospect of a reward, while others of you reading this are more motivated by avoiding pain. So I will address both here: The rewards of planning one’s own funeral in advance are both emotional and financial. Emotionally, you can have peace of mind for yourself knowing that you have attended to this important task. And your loved ones can have an easier time of it when you die. Financially, you can save money by paying for services now.  And you can choose how to pay for services. Some pay in full, while many prefer a payment plan. Either way, it’s a choice when you plan ahead.

For the pain avoidance motivation, there is the benefit of relieving your loved ones of a financial burden. Planning ahead often resolves arguments among family because disagreements are resolved by doing what you planned. If your kids cannot agree on what they want on their pizza, how are they going to agree what to do for your funeral services? Planning ahead also goes a long way toward avoiding emotional overspending.

We at The Natural Funeral would be happy to only record your vital information and your wishes for free.. But most of your neighbors who are pre-arranging are also securing their arrangements with an inflation-proof guaranteed contract. As a consumer protection we are required to set your funds aside in a special life insurance policy. I would be delighted to meet with you to get acquainted and answer all of your questions.

Please call to schedule a visit in person or by video conference! Becky Davis, 720-515-2344.


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