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In accordance with TNF Values and Code of Ethics, we provide exceptional, personalized funeral services with compassionate and attentive care to facilitate healing when there is loss.

We serve families at need (when death has occurred). But whenever possible, we encourage you to plan ahead.

The Natural Funeral Packages

Whether you choose the simplicity of the Roots Package with cremation or burial, require the expertise of our natural funeral staff for reverent body care® of your loved-one at death, or need us to co-create your community memorial service, we provide a range of affordable packages to meet your needs. We can arrange cremation, both Flame Cremation (conventional cremation) and Water Cremation, which is also known as green cremation, bio cremation, resomation or aquamation. We can arrange Burial (conventional burial with green options, or green burial at a natural burial site). We are also the first funeral home in Colorado to provide our clients with Body Composting also known as Natural Reduction. Click here for our General Price List to learn about our current mortuary services, including packages. Additional services, include access to on-site grief counselors, workshops and eco funeral products in our Lafayette resource center.


Our certified celebrants are available to plan and facilitate your memorial, life celebration or other meaningful ritual, in accordance with your beliefs and practices. Click here for more details. General Price List