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    review rating 5  I cannot say enough about my family's experience with The Natural Funeral. I now find myself recommending their services as often as I can to other families searching for a meaningful and environmentally-mindful way to care for a loved one after they have passed. The experience offered by The Natural Funeral gave me a whole new perspective on and healthier relationship with death and grief. Staff are truly supportive and in no way prescriptive. The experience was so healing, empowering and supportive and I am so grateful.

    thumb Marti Matsch

    review rating 5  The Natural Funeral and everyone there showed us kindness and compassion and grace in the most devastating situation. Being able to honor our loved one in this setting with holistic, natural care means more than I can adequately express. I will be forever grateful for The Natural Funeral.

    thumb Gretchen Ford

    review rating 5  My wife passed away on 6/28/2019 from metastatic breast cancer. She was a librarian who helped develop a library public outreach program on death and dying. Through this outreach program, my wife became great friends with the outreach program's founder. Through this friendship, my wife learned about The Natural Funeral in Lafayette, Co. Among my wife's last wishes was to have friends and loved ones gathered around her, and to enlist the services of The Natural Funeral for the wake following her death. In the tradition of home vigils/wakes common in America until recent times, Karen's body was kept in state using ice packs. The wake was held at our house the morning after my wife's passing. It was an intimate setting where visitors could pay their respects and choose to view my wife's body if desired. After her body was reverently prepared for the vigil/wake, her body and face looked beautiful and restful. In my opinion, our home vigil was a much more sacred and intimate way for family and friends to pay their last respects. Everyone from The Natural Funeral was very helpful and respectful during the entire process. They came over to our house before my wife passed away and provided great guidance on their services and what to expect. I'm grateful The Natural Funeral was part of my wife's life and end-of-life. They enabled intimacy and reverence during my wife's passing and also during the vigil on the following day. I'm eternally grateful to TNF staff for their professional and respectful conduct during an emotionally vulnerable moment. -Andy

    thumb Andrew Sheldon

    review rating 5  I really love having Natural Funeral in my hometown of Lafayette! This wonderful place is opening up the communities perspectives about death, dying and grief. My experience here has been one of open hearted community. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive.

    thumb Rebecca Abraxas

    review rating 5  Truly a beautiful service and one that will be Remembered with love as we said goodbye to a dear friend!

    thumb Elaine English

    review rating 5  Karen and her colleagues were compassionate, caring and extremely helpful and responsive with our needs around our dear friend's passing, cremation and Celebration of Life. I heartily recommend The Natural Funeral to anyone who is needing help with funeral, cremation and end of life services for their loved ones.

    thumb DH9 Colorado

    review rating 5  My family and I had a great experience working with the Natural Funeral, even while dealing with a very stressful situation. The Natural Funeral group make the process simple by coming to us to meet, they gave us a phone number to arrange pickup when the time came, and went out of their way to show empathy during this time! They worked with us to find the package that fit our needs as well as our budget! They made an error and sent out the wrong number of death certificates, however they called us before we had a chance to bring it to there attention and got it correct with no additional effort from us. They truly went out of their way to show compassion and helped ease our minds while dealing with the loss of our family member. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. The level of great customer service, compassion, and expertise they showed made the process easy during a really hard time for my family.

    thumb Dawn Jolly

    review rating 5  Prescott and team did a lovely job of ensuring our friend would be remembered in the most wonderful way. I participated in the memorial itself, and Prescott took the time to ask me about my personal relationship with my friend and dove into other aspects that would help paint a good picture of the best tribute possible. Furthermore, when we had a technical glitch with the music that was going to accompany me he went out of his way to make sure it was taken care of. I'd highly recommend The Natural Funeral for a lovely way to honor those you care about.

    thumb Kerri Driscoll

    review rating 5  Unexpected deaths are very traumatic and difficult to understand and to deal with. Karen and the staff at The Natural Funeral guided us through the process with kindness, caring and love. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Wendy Stoltman

    review rating 5  My dear friend died suddenly and the kindness and beauty that was extended to his friends and family was beautiful! The ceremony where family and friend could share stories and offer flowers to our friend as he journeyed to other places made this ceremony meaningful in our memories! I have seen our friends brother since and he shares how the service impacted and helped in his grieving and his memories!

    thumb nancy english

    review rating 5  The Natural Funeral provided support and a framework with a delicate balance which allowed family and friends to shape the funeral service around our family's vision. This allowed family to create a healing and loving funeral which perfectly fit their father and themselves.

    thumb Marcie Cole

    review rating 5  Karen was a great help to our family with the tragic loss of our stillborn grandson. Karen helped us know what our options were, communicate with the hospital, review our plans and allow us to do our own vigil and natural burial for our dear baby. We can not say enough about Karen and Seth also appeared at just the right moment o keep things going smoothly. You have more options than you think but you need someone with the knowledge and experience to help you through it.

    thumb Rudolf Steiner Health Center

    review rating 5  The Natural Funeral supported me through the loss of my son by creating a beautiful, sacred home vigil which gave me extra time to process the loss before his cremation and natural internment in a biodegradable urn that will support a memorial garden. Everyone at The Natural Funeral was so kind, compassionate and honoring of my feelings and in how they cared for my son as well. I highly recommend The Natural Funeral.

    thumb Katerina Getchell

    review rating 5  This company was amazing to work with. Made us feel very comfortable and really compassionate. They just really go the extra mile to honor what you want and just sending little things meant so much.

    thumb Debbie S

    review rating 5  This organization serves families in a unique and wonderful way. They truly serve their purpose by educating and supporting families about choices that fit for them in their time of need. So glad to have this organization in our area.

    thumb Sara Benson

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