Our wish is to provide all our families with exceptional personal care and attention. We always ask for feedback from our clients as part of our commitment to quality and a high standard of service.

Here are some of our most recent client testimonials:

Thank you for your beautiful card and your loving sentiments towards our mom. I also liked the poem; it is quite harmonious with our beliefs and her spirit.

Thank you also not only for making the whole affair work in such short time but also for being respectful towards Mom, us, and our values.


The Natural Funeral enabled us to deal with our son’s death in a peaceful and healing way. We felt your love and support throughout the whole process.


It was such a beautiful gift to have The Natural Funeral for my aunt. Every step was so perfect. The love, attention, and patience you had with us, was truly amazing. Thank you for the work you do. It’s made a huge impact on us kids.


Thank you for the services you provided, for the respect you extended to our family and towards our wishes, for your sensitivity, care, and counsel as we navigated a difficult time, and for all of the little extra things you did along the way (going the extra mile in acquiring the flag from the VA, including the poem along with the urn when you delivered the remains, and working hard to make sure we had the urn and the ashes back for the memorial service, just to name a few).  We are very grateful for everything you did.  You all were great.


I felt such heartfelt warmth in all the support the Natural Funeral gave me in assisting and accompanying my brother’s crossing. They took care of all practical matters and let us decide how much guidance we wanted, leaving as much space as we needed for our active participation in honoring his passage and shaping ritual and offerings to his body and spirit. I felt honored myself, in the patience they showed me, in explaining their services, in truly listening to my questions and concerns and in allowing time for each offering, each word, each feeling that was shared. It was a beautifully rewarding experience to work with each of them and I highly recommend their services.


What can I say about a company who handled the most profound experience of my life with dignity, grace, and tenderness. When my mother died, Karen and her team stepped in at our most vulnerable moment to help us say farewell to our Mom. I will be forever grateful for how they stewarded us through those first hours. We were able to be with our Mom for several days and let go gently in a way that truly honored my beautiful, lovely mother because of The Natural Funeral.


We have been in contact with Natural Funerals through a recent sudden death of a dear friend. He was such a gentleman, fully of the old school, aged 92. He and his wife definitely wanted a natural death and care for the body afterwards! When we called Natural Funerals, they responded right away with such respect and sensitive atonement and care to the situation and the needs on hand.

His wife, now a widow after 66 years, has spoken often of the empathetic, professional, respectful care she and her family received in a time when that truly made a tremendous difference!

We would happily recommend Natural Funerals to anybody!


The directors of The Natural Funeral demonstrate exceptional respect and compassion during one of the most challenging times many of us experience during our lives. Their business reflects their profoundly needed values and ethics. Both beauty and environmental sustainability are central to how The Natural Funeral approaches life-death changes. I highly recommend their services!


The Natural Funeral is a wonderful business who’s time has final come. Anyone who has interacting with the directors and staff of the NF, lives will be changed and blessed forever. The work that they do at NF, is done with incredible kindness and reverence for this tender time in families lives. It’s is truly a blessing to have experienced their tender touch.


Natural Funeral recently guided us through our son’s passing. What a gift they are to the world!

I do neurological and genetic research on learning and behavioral change….and can say that if you want to nurture your spiritual-self while at the same time limiting the stress and pain of your loved one’s passing on your brain and body…… you could make not better choice than the people at Natural Funeral.


As a new cemetery provider in the Denver metro area, the team at Seven Stones Chatfield – Botanical Gardens Cemetery was honored to work with Prescott & Karen at The Natural Funeral to serve a family who desired green burial. Their philosophy of caring and reverence for the deceased, as well as nurturing the “heart space” of their loved ones, aligns perfectly with ours. It’s a true blessing to partner with The Natural Funeral team, who are 100% client-focused, detail-oriented and kindhearted.

Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery

The Natural Funeral folks have guided our family through end of life care for two of my loved ones several years apart. Knowledgeable helpers provided us with the tools and information that we needed for a meaningful, healing and loving send off. As far as we are concerned it’s the only way to go.


Karen and her team are amazing. She provided me with invaluable support and advice when a dear friend of mine passed away from cancer. I am so grateful to Karen. We are very fortunate to have The Natural Funeral in our community.


The Natural Funeral was extremely helpful to me and my family after the passing of my brother. Being able to spend time with his body and to say a proper goodbye was nothing short of life changing. I hope anyone who has someone die who is close to them get to go through this experience. It was not only helpful in moving on into life without my brother, but was also an excellent lesson in death and our awareness to it.


Working with The Natural Funeral is a pleasure and a gift! They bring deep listening, kindness, and wise experience to a vulnerable time in one’s life. Honoring our beloveds in this way is not only healing for the family but for the Earth we call home.


The Natural Funeral directors are a group of deeply caring individuals that share my family’s values and ethics, where love and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. My family highly recommends The Natural Funeral.


When my son Greg crossed, The Natural Funeral helped us immensely. With their help, we conducted a 72 hour ritual,which allows time for the non physical bodies to lift up from the physical body. They were very flexible and helpful to allow our grief journey to begin in the way. We are totally satisfied with their service.


Responsive, compassionate, comfortable, easy, caring, conscientious, thorough, skilled, intimate. NF helps reintegrate humanity into the process of death and dying for those passing and those remaining. So grateful for their existence.