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Biographical Form

In order to complete the required paperwork to obtain the permit for cremation, we’ll need certain information about you or your loved one. It is helpful to gather this in advance of death. When death occurs, the hope is that the information about place of birth, parents’ names, etc., will be easily accessible and streamline the paperwork process.

Please fill out the form (which you can download below) for when you meet with our natural funeral staff.

Designated Agent Form (aka Colorado’s Declaration of Disposition)

Colorado is a state that allows families to name a “designated agent” who may in some instances not be a next of kin. This designated agent is the person who will be the “point person” for making sure that funeral arrangements are carried out in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

In Colorado, you can authorize your own cremation, making it unnecessary for a funeral provider to gather all immediate next-of-kin signatures authorizing the cremation. If you do not authorize your own cremation at death, your immediate next-of-kin (for example, your spouse if you are married, your adult children if you are widowed or divorced), will all be required to approve your cremation. The reason for this is that the cremated remains are all that is left after cremation – and it is considered a more “final” form of disposition than burial.

Here is a link to Colorado state law regarding who is authorized to make decisions regarding final disposition.

Feedback Form

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