Watch this short video to find out more about our innovative new natural funeral business. Learn about how our uniquely qualified trio of founders are re-imagining funeral care in Boulder County and beyond.

Here’s a glimpse of The Natural Funeral’s history.

In 2016, Karen van Vuuren and Daniel Ziskin were collaborating on a project to bring natural burial options to Boulder County. As part of the group, Green Burial Boulder County, Dan and Karen had sat down to talk about possibilities. At the end of their conversation, Karen said, “It would be great to have a natural burial option, but what we really need is a green funeral home!”

Dan’s response was, quite immediately, “Let’s do it!”

As a natural deathcare educator, Karen had supported many families in the community who wanted natural and more personalized deathcare for their loved-ones. She had witnessed the emergence of green funeral homes around the country. It was puzzling why Boulder County did not have this new type of funeral business.

Before co-presenting on a panel about funeral options at a regular Boulder county event,  Senior Law Day, Karen chatted with Prescott Knock about the natural funeral business idea. Knock was a marketing director for a Boulder hospice and had extensive knowledge of end-of-life services in the area. He soon became the third partner in an ambitious, game-changing project, The Natural Funeral.

Realizing the vision

In the short video above and elsewhere on this website, you will learn how our values and ethics guide our every interaction with our client families. Our approach is holistic. We focus on complete client care, not only of the deceased but also of the bereaved. We offer green options and do not embalm.

We decided to call our Lafayette base a Living Arts Center. The intent is to house a host of services beyond providing a space for vigils and a meaningful gathering in the presence of the body of your deceased loved-one.  Once our renovations are complete, you will step into a bright, inviting space. There, our skilled staff will orient you to our resource library, gift shop, small group seminar program, and the offerings of our holistic grief care practitioners.

For those wanting to arrange burial or cremation, we offer free funeral planning sessions. We’ll guide you to create the after-death care plan that honors your wishes and fits with your belief system.

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