Here’s a glimpse of The Natural Funeral’s history.

In 2016, Karen van Vuuren and Daniel Ziskin were collaborating on a project to bring natural burial options to Boulder County. As part of the group, Green Burial Boulder County Dan and Karen sat down to talk about possibilities. At the end of their conversation, Karen said, “It would be great to have a natural burial option, but what we really need is a green funeral home!”

Dan’s response was, quite immediately, “Let’s do it!”

As a natural deathcare educator, Karen had supported many families in the community who wanted natural and more personalized deathcare for their loved ones. She had witnessed the emergence of green funeral homes around the country. It was puzzling why Boulder County did not have this new type of funeral business.

March 1, 2019, The Natural Funeral opened as a holistic mortuary and end-of-life resource center in Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado.

Realizing the vision

On this website, you will learn how our values and ethics guide our every interaction with our client families. Our approach is holistic. We focus on complete client care, not only of the deceased but also of the bereaved. We offer reverent body care® of your loved one using essential oils. We do not embalm. Our cremation and burial options include flame cremation, water cremation and green burial.

Our resource room at our Lafayette, Boulder County funeral home contains products made by local artisans. Most are locally sourced and are biodegradable, natural products, such as beetle-kill pine caskets, urns, beeswax candles and glass cremains art jewelry.