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Our beautiful holistic funeral home and end-of-life resource center is in the heart of historic downtown Lafayette, Colorado, in Boulder County.

We offer tours of our center, including our beetle-kill wood chapel, aka, “the sanctuary.” This is a place for vigils, wakes and Reverent Body Care®. The way we care for your loved one’s body at death differs greatly from conventional funeral practitioners. We only use natural products, including essential oils and warm water for bathing. We offer a facilitated ceremony to families who feel they would benefit from this ritual blessing, honoring and letting go of their loved-one. We honor all beliefs, whether you are orthodox or atheist, our goal is to bring light to the darkness.

Our resource room showcases locally made artisan cremation urns and includes a resource library.  We have a community room in which families can gather during visitations and after Reverent Body Care®.

In our community room, we also host educational and supportive end-of-life events in partnership with our non-profit, Natural Transitions. We’ve hosted poetry for grief with Compassus Hospice chaplain  Alex Donovan, vocal reflective sound healing with music therapist Rebecca Abraxas, and a series on advanced healthcare directives offered by Sue Mackey of Out-of-the-Box End-of-life Planning. We are honored to host a Sudden Loss Grief Group and an Alzheimer’s Loss Grief Group in partnership with TRU Community Care Hospice.

Our advisory board members include Kim Mooney of Practically Dying (death education and awareness) and Stephanie Schacht, estate attorney and end-of-life doula.

Come visit us in downtown Lafayette, Boulder County, on the south side of Festival Plaza at 102 W. Chester Street. (Parking is in the alley to the south of the plaza).  Even if you don’t need our services now, find out more now about natural and holistic deathcare, including green burial, alkaline hydrolysis, Body Composting (Natural Reduction) and Reverent Body Care® (as well as conventional offerings including flame cremation). Particularly when it comes to end-of-life, it’s important to be a wise and informed consumer.

Call (720) 515-2344 or email us at

A bit more information about our center after you have taken the virtual video tour…

The Resource Room. When you enter our center, you see our Resource Room. It’s furnished with a natural, high aesthetic look, with comfortable chairs, and it’s where we are honored to serve you tea on real china.

The room includes a lending library, beeswax candles, natural care products, cremation glass jewelry and Living Urns for planting trees with cremated remains. We display a selection of Colorado artisan-made cremation urns, bamboo cloth burial shrouds and Colorado pine-beetle casket wood (along with other sustainable wood choices).

A wise TNF staff person is always on hand to respond to your questions and provide helpful information on our resources. The depth of our knowledge allows us to answer questions on death and dying, grief, rituals, legalities as well as options for green funeral arrangements.

A Healing Practitioner Room. This is for grief counselors and other therapists and holistic practitioners who provide support for the bereaved.

A Community Room. Here we host small group seminars and other events, not always about end of life. We bring in experts to lead workshops on topics such as writing your memoirs or creating poetry to express grief or to reflect upon the stages of a life. Life-affirming topics are just as important to us as those that focus on our last days.

A Family Meeting Room. Where our holistic funeral staff meets with families for funeral planning.

“The Sanctuary” (chapel). With its natural beetle-kill pine walls and ceiling and silk-draped windows, this is a sacred space for families to be with their loved ones after death. Aside from reverently preparing the body of your loved-one for you, The Natural Funeral can also, if desired, facilitate a ceremony of blessing and honoring with family involvement, that may aid in healing from loss.

Our location in downtown Lafayette, Boulder County, Colorado.