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General Price List




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Our Philosophy.  At The Natural Funeral, we believe that ecological and holistic death care choices offer healing for both our client families and the Earth.

Meeting your needs.  If you have additional questions or special requests, please ask! Keep in mind that just because we haven’t listed a particular option doesn’t mean we can’t work with you to meet your wishes. It is our honor to plan a funeral service that’s specifically tailored to your needs in this moment.

Our Packages.  The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You will notice that this price list contains “Packages” as well as itemized pricing. This is required by the Federal Trade Commission so that you, as a consumer, are aware that you have the right to choose only the items you desire. However, in the majority of cases, the funeral arrangements selected will include a charge for our basic services and overhead ($2,000) making the packages generally more cost-effective.

Legal Regulations.  Occasionally, legal regulations will require you to buy an item or items you did not specifically ask for. If this applies to your case, we will explain the reason in writing on the Statement of Goods and Services that we will provide to you. Any inquiries regarding your funeral agreement may be directed to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies: (303) 894-7855.

No Embalming.  The Natural Funeral specializes in natural death care and does not practice embalming. In Colorado, embalming is not required by law. Any and all regulations for natural burial, including requirements for grave liners, outer burial containers, etc., will vary from cemetery to cemetery.

Our prices are subject to change. To guarantee your pricing, speak with us about pre-payment. For individuals on hospice, we will honor the price quote provided at the original time of contact. The Natural Funeral consistently provides quality services that are below the national average cost of $10,000.

Payments.  Payment is expected prior to the delivery of services.  We accept the following:  Cash • Check • Cashier’s check • ACH • Venmo • PayPal • Money order • Pre-funded pre-arrangement • Verified life insurance assignment • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover + 3.35% service fee for credit cards)

Medicaid and Veterans’ Benefits.  Our business is veteran-owned, and we are proud to be able to support families using veterans’ benefits.  We also accept Medicaid payments.


We believe …

  • that meaningful ceremony at life’s milestone moments, especially at death, promotes healing.
  • that beauty uplifts us in our grief.
  • that honoring and caring for the body of a loved one can ease our letting go.
  • that green burial, body composting, and water cremation honor the Earth and protect it for future generations.

In alignment with these beliefs we proudly offer


aspenGrove 150x150

The Aspen Grove Packages include Reverent Body Care® at home or in our Center.  These packages also include a celebrant for your personalized memorial service.  (Venue fees are not included in these package prices.)

Reverent Body Care® is a special time for families and friends to be with their loved-one after death. It may be in accordance with a particular faith, or it may be time to simply honor and take in the significance of the death. Reverent Body Care®, which can be part of a vigil, is our specialty and is highly adaptable to your beliefs and practices. It involves the ritual washing of your loved-one at death and

 includes a ceremony of blessing using pure essential oils and natural death care techniques. Our staff can lead this beautiful ritual with family participation if desired. We offer this service in-home (additional costs may be added for extended hours or service outside of Boulder County) or in our Lafayette Center.

We can assist with flowers, music, food, programs, and much more.

All Aspen Grove Packages Include:

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Reverent Body Care® in-home or at our Lafayette Center (up to 1.5 hours, up to 6 people) including preparation for viewing
  • Celebrant for memorial (venue, catering, flowers, music, programs are additional charges)
  • Transport service
  • Necessary authorizations, paperwork and permitting
  • One certified copy of the death certificate; additional copies are $13 each
  • Online obituary with pictures
  • Printed death announcement in a local newspaper (up to 80 words)
  • Sheltering the body with refrigeration for up to 5 days
  • Local delivery of cremated remains, death certificates, caskets, urns


With Reverent Body Care® and Celebrant for Memorial: $10,000.00

Our package charge for body composting with Reverent Body Care® and celebrant for memorial also includes (in addition to above stated services)
• Transport to body composting site.
• Return of a small amount (10 gallons) of the soil. Donation of the remainder for land preservation.

More soil can be provided if requested. Body Composting Note: Body composting is a biological composting process that can take up to six months to complete.

★ Itemized value: $12,020.00


With Reverent Body Care® and Celebrant for Memorial: $6,000.00

Our Aspen Grove package charge for water cremation by alkaline hydrolysis with Reverent Body Care® and celebrant for memorial also includes (in addition to above stated services):

• Transport to place of water cremation
• Simple biodegradable urn for solid cremains
• A small amount (8 oz.) of liquid remains, which can serve as a plant fertilizer. More can be provided if requested.

★ Itemized value $7,520.00


With Reverent Body Care® and Celebrant for Memorial: $5,300

Our package charge for Earth burial with Reverent Body Care® and celebrant for memorial also includes (in addition to above stated services):

  • 2 Transports – to our facility, and then to a local cemetery
  • Safety and ceremonial oversight of graveside interment
  • Coordination with cemetery
  • Dressing and casketing or shrouding
  • Hand lowering or mechanical lowering of the body into the grave plot included

★ Itemized value: $6,020.00

Private Property Burial (non-cemetery): requires our assistance with significant logistical coordination with the county. Add $1,000 for this service.

Burial products such as biodegradable caskets, shrouds, burial markers, etc., can be purchased separately. The Natural Funeral does not require the use of burial containers. Rules vary by cemetery. Grave plots (cemetery rights) are purchased separately.


With Reverent Body Care® and Celebrant for Memorial: $4,500.00

Our Aspen Grove package charge for fire cremation with Reverent Body Care® and celebrant for memorial also includes (in addition to above stated services):
• Transport to fire cremation site
• Minimum cremation container
• Simple biodegradable urn

★ Itemized value: $6,270.00

Private property (non-crematory) pyre cremation: requires our assistance with significant logistical regulatory and safety coordination. Add $7,500 for this service.


Our skilled Celebrants are trained in storytelling, writing, public speaking, and in diverse traditions that honor spiritual and secular beliefs. Our celebrants get to know your loved one through an extensive interview process and then co-create a highly personalized and meaningful funeral or memorial service.

We regularly receive glowing feedback about our celebrants such as the comments below:

“Ben Martin was the perfect person to lead the celebration of the life of my mother and my father’s wife of 50+ years. Ben’s warmth and caring shone through in every aspect of my mother’s celebration of her life here on earth. Ben spent time with both my father and I, on multiple occasions, to learn about my mom and understand the woman, mother, and wife that she was and how best to speak to those traits. Neither my father and I are, nor could be, as eloquent as Ben was on the day of the celebration. We both had multiple people tell us how they felt Ben knew my Dad’s wife, my mom, and her as a person which is a testament to how well Ben listened to our stories and thoughts and told the story of her life, and through us, speaking from his heart.”


celebrants 300x197



Minimum Services of the Funeral Director and Staff – $2,000

This is the only fee that is not declinable and it is already included in our charges for packages.

Our basic services fee includes: 24-hour availability of staff; Personalized time with one of our funeral coordinators; Consultation with family and/or clergy; Arrangements with one of our Holistic Funeral Coordinators; Coordination with the cemetery, crematory, or other third parties, as necessary and as required; Shelter of the body in our care from time of death until final disposition (within 5 days); Obtaining necessary legal authorizations and permits; Preparing, filing and securing notices; Assistance with forms; Notary service; and a proportionate share of insurance, operating and overhead expenses.

Should you choose “itemized” arrangements, the fee for our basic services will be added to the final cost.


  • Fire cremation fee – $600
  • Fire cremation witnessing (up to 30 minutes, up to 6 people) – $900
  • Water cremation fee (Alkaline Hydrolysis) – $2,000
  • Body composting fee (Natural Reduction) – $6,500
  • Farewell Viewing for water cremation or body composting, up to 45 minutes
    • Up to 6 people – $900
    • Up to 12 people – $1,300

Body Care

  • Reverent Body Care® in your home or at another approved location within Boulder County (up to 1.5 hours, up to 6 people) – $1,500
  • Reverent Body Care® at our Lafayette Center (up to 1.5 hours, up to 6 people) – $1,300
  • Viewing or visitation to follow for an additional 1.5 hours
    • Up to 24 people – $600
    • Up to 36 people – $900
    • Up to 48 people – $1,200
  • Viewing only (body preparation and 2-hour Lafayette vigil space rental)
    • Up to 12 people – $1,200
    • Up to 24 people – $1,500
    • Up to 36 people – $1,800
    • Up to 48 people – $2,100
  • Dressing and casketing prior to Burial or Cremation – $300
  • Refrigeration – $250 for up to 5 days – then $75 per day
  • Daily home vigil support and body care – $250 per day, as requested
  • Additional care fee for persons over 250 pounds – $500
  • Pacemaker removal – $100

Transportation and Shipping

  • First transport service (up to 30 miles, then $4 per mile) – $350
  • Each additional transport service (up to 30 miles, then $4 per mile) – $250
  • Out-of-area travel fee for staff (after 30 miles from TNF) – $4 per mile

Memorial Support

  • Lafayette Center rental – $300 / 1.5 hours; $500 / 3 hours; $800 / 6 hours; $1,200 / 24 hours
  • Staff for event assistance – $100 per hour / per staff (1 staff per 20 guests)
  • Celebrant service for memorial – $900
  • Obituary composition – $250
  • Obituary placement in out-of-area newspaper – $150 plus cost
  • Online obituary (if not purchasing a package) – $250
  • Death announcement in local newspaper (if not purchasing a package) – $250
  • Music, Flowers, Catering, Memorial Programs or Cards – Quotes by request
  • Additional charge for out-of-area (outside Boulder County) support for Reverent Body Care® – $1,000 based on availability
  • Additional charge for evenings (5pm – 9am weekdays) and during weekends (Saturday or Sunday) support for Reverent Body Care®, viewings, events or visitations – $1,000 based on availability
  • End of life Doula services – $125 per hour
  • Scattering of cremains or laying out rituals – starting at $750

Coordinating With Other Funeral Homes

  • Transfer Services Forwarding the Body to Another Funeral Home – $2,550

Our charge includes: basic services of funeral director and staff; removal of remains; preparation of remains, if appropriate; and local transport. You may purchase a casket from our funeral home, or we can ship using only an air tray. NOTE: The airline ticket or the cost of the air tray (required) is not included in our price.

  • Receiving the Body from Another Funeral Home – $1,500

Our charge includes: basic services of funeral director and staff; shelter of remains for up to 5 days; transport of remains to funeral home and to cemetery or crematory.

Death Certificates and Cremains

  • Additional Certified Death Certificates (copies requested after the initial order is placed) – $50 for the first and $20 for each additional copy
  • Shipping cremated remains by USPS – $175; Mailing Death Certificates – $75
  • Local delivery of cremated remains, death certificates, caskets, urns – $100
  • Death Certificate Corrections – $100

Cemetery Offerings

  • Green burial plots at Colorado Burial Preserve or Lyons Town Cemetery – $5,000 (includes plot, opening and closing)
  • Green inurnment of cremains at Colorado Burial Preserve or Lyons Town Cemetery – $2,000 (includes urn plot, opening and closing)

Funerary Merchandise (excluding tax)

  • Cardboard casket for decorating – $150
  • Colorado-sourced beetle kill pine, cedar, or reclaimed wood caskets – $1,500, Rental – $500
  • Willow woven basket carriers – $1,200,  Rental – $400
  • Beetle kill pine green burial tray – $1,200, Rental – $400
  • Air tray for transport – $600
  • Local Artisan Eco Urns – $80 to $750
  • Shrouding Cloths (cotton, bamboo, silk) $200 to $2000
  • Candles – $5 to $50
  • Custom art
    • Handblown glass cremation jewelry:  $150 and up
    • Custom painting of gourds, caskets and urns, etc.) – $250 and up


roots 300x199



If you wish, you may arrange for a direct disposition without a viewing, Reverent Body Care, or professional assistance with a ceremony. Our packaged prices for direct dispositions include the following services:

  • Minimum services of the funeral director and staff
  • Initial transfer of remains within 30 miles of The Natural Funeral
  • Final arrangements with a Holistic Funeral Coordinator
  • The disposition of your choosing as shown below
  • A basic TNF biodegradable urn for cremated remains
  • A brief death notice published in a local newspaper

Direct body composting (natural reduction): $7900 ($8,930 if itemized)
Direct water cremation (alkaline hydrolysis): $3900 ($4,430 if itemized)
Direct burial exclusive of cemetery costs: $3200 ($3450 if itemized)
Direct flame cremation: $2400 ($3,030 if itemized)

*When performing flame cremation an alternative container is required by the crematory as a means of transfer and handling the deceased in a dignified manner.