Haley Ray Magee

It is with great sorrow that the family of Haley Ray (Park) Magee announces her unexpected passing from this life, on November 6, 2023.

Haley was born March 14, 1999 to Salina Cinabro and came home to Golden, Colorado where she spent her childhood years becoming a sweet, beautiful, caring young lady and developing her lifelong talents as an artist. After moving to Ft. Collins when she was 13, she developed compassionate friendships and a zeal for skateboarding. But her true passion was always art. She explored and excelled in many mediums including drawing, sculpting, water color, jewelry, portraits, beaded masks, and costume design. She fell in love with anime art and that became a major influence in her work. After graduating high school and living in her beloved mountains for a year, she came home to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. She was amazingly and prolifically talented, and we are so sad that we will never again see a new creation from her.

Haley was so intelligent with a quick wit and a tenacious spirit. She explored many and varied topics, researching online and testing her opinions with family and friends. We’ve had many conversations with her about ocean life (at the age of 4), ecosystems, environmental concerns, space, politics, different religions, healthy eating, historical influences in cultures, and so much more. She was so proud of her Korean heritage and it was her dream to be able to visit Korea one day. She was also such a fun loving girl. She enjoyed cos-play and made some of her own costumes for conventions. She also loved going to concerts near and far to see her favorite artists, collecting concert memorabilia along the way.

Haley is survived by her mother, Salina Cinabro; step-father, Roger Soderberg; brothers, Chais and Russell; step-sister, Sammi Rossin; grandparents, Cathy and Rich Ratschkowsky, and Bill and Teri Cinabro. Also Godfather Uncle Corey, Auntie Ann, cousins Brody, Joe, Tom, Catie, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Meredith, Godmother ‘Aunt’ Colleen, ‘Uncle’ Steve, and her nephews, Kaiden and Ollie. Her family is mourning an enormous loss.

Haley was a giving and selfless soul. This first thing remembered about her by close friends and passing acquaintances alike is kindness. We didn’t have as long with her as we wanted, but her short time here touched all of our lives with love. Our hearts are broken, Haley, and you are deperately missed. We are hugging you in our souls. We know that you told ‘Uncle Steve’ you made it. Thank you for letting us know. It helps.

A Celebration of Life will takes place at a later date.

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13 thoughts on “Haley Ray Magee”

  1. Haley,
    I’m so sorry I never got to meet you in real life and only on face time calls with you silly girls. You made an ENORMOUS impact in my dear sweet Ranie Jean’s life. The short time she was granted to get to know you and love you was definitely not enough for her. My heart hurts for her, not hearing your voice everyday. She struggles with your passing as well as Noah. But I do know 100% you have made Ranie be a different person. I’m so glad you pushed her to do what she always wanted and helped her along the way. She WON’T let you down, I know it. I can’t imagine the way your family is feeling. My condolences to them.
    I’m just really kinda disappointed that you and Ranie didn’t get to come to Florida. But I know you are still guiding her and pushing her and I love your sweet souls for that. Stay beautiful my extra daughter. Until we see you again ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Haley, we didn’t know each other well, but it was plain to see…your beauty. As a fellow artist, and as a friend, I’m sad your gone. My husband and I mourn your loss and we keep you nearby. You seemed to be a kind hearted soul, and I’ve never heard any different. I would have loved to become closer friends, and the world has lost something absolutely lovely. She was loved by many. Her family and friends will be in my thoughts.

  2. Haley was a sweet and lovely girl with amazing talent. She will forever be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  3. The world feels a little emptier with out the voracious vision of Haley. The first time Haley and I jammed music together she reminded me of why I love collecting records in the first place. She was such an attentive listener and genuinely thirsty for more knowledge. I’m lucky enough to have been gifted a beautiful painting from her own hands, I will forever cherish it, as it has always been a beacon, a stern reminder of your free spirit. You were truly an amazing energy to behold, something you can never destroy. Till we meet again Haley. Sincerely & respectfully Luis Navarrette. ????❤️????????

  4. I met Haley on a trip with her family to South Dakota
    Her family is my family, and I have never met such a true talented girl with a heart of gold.
    Haley has been in my heart since the day I met her and will always be.
    Love you girl.

  5. I can’t believe you’re gone. I feel truly lucky to have known you, to have shared our art together and to have been able to even be in your presence. I wish we could’ve had a chance to go to the ren faire together like we had planned. I miss bonding over music and anime and all the things we had grown up being picked on over… I will always be thinking of you and missing you. you were truly one of the most awesome people ive ever met and very few people listened or understood me like you did. this world isn’t the same without you.
    wearing lots of purple with pride for you ????xoxo
    love you haley

  6. It’s not the same knowing our Haley isn’t with us anymore. I’m so lucky to have had the years I did spent with you. We never really got to see each other that much but when we did you were always my favorite face to see at family gatherings. your love and creativity for art was always so inspiring to me. I’ll miss you always and forever Haley❤️

  7. Haley you were the most selfless person I have ever met. You met me in my dark time and never judged me or made me feel less, you were there always. You helped me see me. The way you expressed yourself through not only your art, but the many other things was truly inspiring. I will miss you deeply!

  8. Haley and I met years and years ago in school. We were fast friends always looking out for each other. We both left Fossil the same day and I was lucky enough to reconnect with her as adults. We used to talk on the phone for hours and I have three beautiful tattoos from her. During my cancer treatments she texted me every day to check up on me. I am so grateful to have known such an amazing person. I wish I could see you again. I love you so much. I’ll see you on the other side babe.

  9. Im in shock that you’re gone. Haley had so much talent and such a genuine spirit, but that was all taken away too soon. She had a very unique energy and such a passion for her work. I remember years ago when we went out and got some art supplies from Walmart. We got back to her place and she busted out this super sick UV painting and handed it over to me. I was impressed with how easy it all came to her. That painting she gave me is still up on my wall.

    She also tattooed my dead/decaying mouse on my forearm. She was so stoked to be moving on from small practice pieces, and onto practicing more technical shading. It reminds me of her whenever I look at it.

    Miss you homie ????????

  10. Haley you have continued to hold a spot in my heart for a long time. It breaks knowing we never got to get together for a tattoo, but we spent out high school years supporting each others art and it was a huge part of our lives. To one of the best artists I was ever lucky enough to meet, I cherish our time. Endless love????

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