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Vigils at The Natural Funeral

At The Natural Funeral, we deeply understand the significance of saying farewell on your own terms. We support families who choose to honor their loved ones with a vigil or wake, providing a sacred space and time to reflect on the transition of death. A vigil allows families and friends to come together, often in the comforting environment of a home, to share stories, prayers, and songs, or simply to be in the presence of the departed. This intimate gathering can last from a few hours to several days, enabling participants to absorb the profound impact of their loss without haste.

Our Comprehensive Vigil Support Includes:

  • Pre-Planning Consultation: Our staff collaborates with you before the death occurs to craft a personalized care plan that respects your wishes and outlines the support you will receive.
  • Unrushed Time: Following the passing, we provide the space and time for you to be with your loved one without the need for immediate decisions, allowing you to fully experience and accept this significant moment.
  • Reverent Body Care®: We offer gentle and respectful body care, aligning with the specific desires set forth in your care plan.
  • Sacred Space Creation: The vigil space is adorned with flowers, candles, and personal mementos, transforming it into a serene setting that honors the memory of your loved one.
  • Open Visitation: Family and friends are welcome to pay their respects or stay with the deceased, reflecting personal beliefs and practices.
  • Concluding Ceremony: When the vigil ends, a closing ceremony is conducted before transporting your loved one to their final resting place, be it for cremation or burial.

Vigils and wakes are modern interpretations of what is traditionally known as a “home funeral.” For more information on home funerals, resources like Natural Transitions and the Home Funeral Alliance offer extensive guidance.