Natural Aspen Over River Longmont CO Funeral Home And Cremations

We believe that families have a right to choose more natural, ecologically-sustainable funeral options.

Most people do not know that many current deathcare practices are resource-intensive and harmful to the environment.

Our mission is to minimize the impact of our final footprints at end of life. Until the Civil War, funeral practices in the U.S. were simple and in harmony with the earth. Families were also at the center of their loved one’s care.

The “natural” in our name means:

  • Gentle care of the deceased. No embalming (which involves toxic chemicals and other harmful products). We use only natural products for our reverent body care, including pure essential oils.
  • Natural or green burial allowing a simple, direct return to the earth without embalming, with a biodegradable container and without a concrete, plastic or fiberglass vault covering the grave opening. The gravesite is in a natural setting with sustainable landscaping. More at
  • Conventional Cremation in the most natural way possible, such as without embalming, with gentle body care, with a biodegradable container and with an urn for the cremated remains (or “ashes”).
  • Water Cremation (alkaline hydrolysis) which turns your body into a blessing for the earth resulting in nutrient-rich, pathogen-free, sterile fertilizer and bone cremains for scattering or burial.
  • Terramation (Body Composting) allows for a temporary burial in our Chrysalis vessel to transform the physical body into nutrient-rich compost.
  • Burial in a conventional cemetery with green options, such as without embalming and with a simple shroud or biodegradable casket.
  • Biodegradable caskets and shrouds for earth burial or cremation.
  • Biodegradable urns for cremated remains.

We are “holistic” in our approach.

Our goal is to bring the most healing care to you and your family, informing you of your options, talking through scenarios that make the most sense for you, whether you are planning ahead or whether death has occurred when you contact us.

We can:

  • Personalize any at-death rituals and memorial ceremonies.
  • Connect you with grief counselors and therapeutic practitioners in our network.
  • Support families to make choices that are in harmony with their life values, bringing healing and re-connection to the cycle of life.

We value:

  • Consumer Choice, including natural, locally sourced products.
  • Families’ Rights, consumer inclusion, and transparency.
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • A Holistic Approach to life/death care with skilled therapists for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Open Discussions about end-of-life issues in community.