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As you make arrangements for the remains of a loved one who wanted to be cremated, it can help to know what options you have. This is especially important if you want to do something more original for your loved one. To help you make this choice, there are some suggestions that some providers of cremation services in Longmont, CO want you to keep in mind.


One option you have is to give your loved one a water burial. If the person was someone who loved the ocean or a particular lake or river, this can be a great way of ensuring your loved one gets the sendoff they would have chosen for themselves. It is important to find an urn that is biodegradable, which can be made of wood, wicker, clay, salt, and even seaweed. As you lower the urn into the water, you can also have a ceremony. This can offer the closure you need.


Another creative option you have for cremated remains is to make them into diamonds. This can be a beautiful way of having your loved one always with you. This is an option that is a bit more costly, so you do want to keep that in mind. You can make the diamonds into any size or shape and you may even be able to choose the color. If you want to add it to an existing jewelry piece, you can do this. You can also get something made especially for the diamond.


You can also mix the remains with cement. This can allow you to create a sculpture or anything else that you prefer. If your loved one was someone who enjoyed birdwatching, you can choose to create a birdbath from the mixture. You want to think about something that would have meant a lot to the person and create that.


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If they were worried about the environment, you can choose to add the remains to an urn with seeds. These urns are also biodegradable and can contain seeds of all kinds of plants or trees. It can be a moving way of honoring your loved one while also helping the planet.


These are just some of the options that you have for the cremated remains of a loved one. Keep in mind that you want to consider what they would have wanted. If they worried about the environment and wanted something greener, you can go for biodegradable urns for water burials or for urns with seeds. You can also create something that could mean something to your loved one out of a mixture of cement and the remains. If you want to know more about what you can do with cremated remains, you can reach out to a Longmont, CO cremation services like us at The Natural Funeral. We are here to help you make the kind of arrangements that you need for your loved one. You can call us right now or you can visit us today.

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