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The time of a loved one’s passing is difficult to navigate, with many decisions to be made. Sadly, it is also a time when the environmentally-minded individual may not have access to good information about the harsh impact some final arrangements may have on our planet. With this and other concerns in mind, The Natural Funeral came into existence to support a more holistic approach to funeral home and cremations in Longmont, CO.


Two Kinds of Cremation

longmont co funeral home and cremations 300x198It is not yet well known that aquamation or water cremation exists. This process is often referred to as alkaline hydrolysis. It originated back in the late 1800s when a farmer named Amos Hobson was experimenting with ways to dispose of his deceased livestock beneficially. What eventually came out of his work was a way to create a bioavailable and nutritive liquid fertilizer.

Water cremation is done by placing the remains in a chamber that is filled with water. Alkaline compounds are added, and after sealing the vessel, a gentle rocking motion ensues. After only a few hours, the body has become an unidentifiable fluid except for the bones and any hardware that may have been present. If present, those implants will be recycled, and the bones will be further processed into a granular consistency much like the “ashes” that are the result of a flame cremation. These cremains are returned to the next of kin for final placement.

While this process is newer, it has been legal in Colorado since 2010. Nearly half of the states in the U.S. have also legalized this process. It is expected that more states will be joining the ranks as awareness grows.

This type of cremation is less environmentally intrusive than flame cremation. There are no potentially harmful byproducts, toxins, or greenhouse gas emissions associated with this practice. Additionally, the resulting liquid fertilizer can be given back to the earth. If desired, this can be donated to very grateful and respectful local farms.

On the other hand, flame cremation is a procedure that is more commonly understood and used. It is thought to be significantly less harmful to the environment than modernized embalming and burial practices. We support and assist with this procedure when it is selected.

The flame cremation is respectfully carried out with rigorous security protocols. The body of the departed is laid within a cremation container. This will protect the privacy and dignity of the deceased while loading the remains into the cremation chamber. Once the chamber is locked, the heat is applied at full force, and the contents within the chamber are incinerated within just a few hours. The remaining elements are gathered and processed into the granular particles we typically refer to as “ashes.”

It is possible for flame cremations to be witnessed when arrangements are made. The only part that really can be seen is when the chamber is being loaded. Cremations are a respectful and loving way to prepare the body for final placement. No matter which style is chosen, all cremations are handled individually and with great respect. For funeral home and cremations in Longmont, CO, know your options.


Other Services We Offer for Funeral Home and Cremations in Longmont, CO

As well as being a natural-based mortuary, we also support gentle death-care practices to help create space for the healing and comfort of the bereaved. A few of these offerings are:

  • Reverent Body Care: This is our way of holistically preparing the body for burial or cremation. The ceremony includes gently washing the dead, applying pure essential oils, and dressing in burial clothes. Families may participate as desired.
  • Home Wakes and Vigils: These proceedings can be quite informal and are an opportunity to pay last respects and “be” with the presence of death. It can be very supportive for the grieving survivors.
  • Green or Natural Burial: This process references ecologically kind practices for interment. There is no embalming, no synthetic grave liners, and only biodegradable material for caskets or burial shrouds are allowed. This is the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Memorial Services: These are most often held without the body of the deceased present. However, if cremation was selected, the “ashes” may be present. We can support these services in person as well as stream online for virtual attendance through Zoom video conferencing.
  • Chapel Space: Our center includes a lovely sanctuary that can be utilized for Reverent Body Care ceremonies, vigils, visitations, or other services.
  • Pre-Needs: Final arrangements can be made even long before the need arises. This brings peace of mind and can benefit financially if prepayment is chosen to lock in the price.
  • Funerary Products: We are pleased to offer locally made products, including caskets and urns. These artistic and unique selections are all designed with the environment in mind.


Appointments Available

Regarding natural choices for funeral home and cremations in Longmont, CO, please reach out to us for an appointment at The Natural Funeral. We are located at 102 W Chester St, Lafayette, CO 80026 and may be contacted by calling (720) 515-2344.


Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

What does good care after death include?

  • Respecting the deceased’s religious or cultural conditions and ensuring that legal responsibilities are fulfilled.
  • Having the deceased ready to go to the funeral home or the funeral director’s.
  • Transferring the deceased’s personal belongings to his or her relatives
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How long is funeral planning?

  • It usually takes less than three hours to plan a funeral for a beloved one. A funeral home, on the other hand, will assist you in making arrangements in accordance with your wishes. Click to Learn More

How do natural burials work?

  • Embalming fluid, a casket, and a burial vault are not used in a natural burial. Instead, the bones are buried in the ground, allowing the body to gradually decompose. The procedure has a low environmental impact. Natural burials often avoid the use of heavy machinery or machines when excavating the burial place. Click to Learn More