12/22/1959 – 10/10/2020

Art and Shaney Cipoletti’s first child and Christmas Joy was born in Mount Lebanon, PA and grew up in Colorado Springs with seven younger siblings. After graduating from CU Boulder, she moved to Northern Virginia, where playing in a church folk group would introduce her to a group of lifelong friends. Twenty years later, she returned to Colorado with her three children. She played an active part in family’s lives, laughing through holiday fun, comforting through hardships, and celebrating countless birthdays and anniversaries.

Joy inspired many people as she created a life she would be happy living. Drawing on the community she joined in Colorado, Joy found and gave support and mentorship. As a self-employed freelance writer, she supported her children through high school and college. Additionally, she found a whole new level of physical fitness to meet the demands of her love of the outdoors – including squatting over 200 pounds and bench-pressing over 135 pounds at 60 years old!

Joy found happiness and comfort in the quiet solitude of Colorado’s mountains. In her last decade, she tried a range of outdoor activities, from cross-country skiing to canyoneering. Hoping to climb Mount Rainier for her 60th birthday, Joy took a high alpine mountaineering class. Though COVID changed plans, she continued her adventures, going on her first solo backpacking trip and hiking as often as she could. Joy fell, doing what she loved, as she descended from the summit of her 33rd Colorado 14er. 

Her children (Kristin, Kevin, Anthony Giordano), siblings (Chris, Jan, Kevin, Terry, Sherri, Andrea, Michael), parents, nieces, nephews, other family, and many friends will all miss her beyond words. We remember Joy as a source of strength and inspiration, a compassionate listener, a hiker, a reader, a writer, a coffee drinker, a vegan, a mentor, a lover of life, and a source of unconditional love and kindness.

We will be planning an outdoor celebration of life in summer 2021. For those who would like to make a donation in Joy’s honor, we ask that you contribute to Alamosa Volunteer Search and Rescue, who brought her back to us, or to one of the charities to which she donated monthly: Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy or World Wildlife Fund.

6 thoughts on “Joy Cipoletti”

  1. I worked with Joy for nearly ten years during her time as a consultant and project manager at both Price Waterhouse in Washington, DC and American Management Systems in Arlington, Virginia. I remember Joy as an incredibly intelligent, energetic, and hard-working professional. She also had a great sense of humor and never failed to inspire those working with her. She will be greatly missed by her former colleagues and clients.

  2. Even though Joy was two years younger than me, she was a unique role model. She managed her team with skill and imagination, while never losing sight of our individual personalities. I feel honored to have worked with her and have been a friend.

  3. Joy was an inspiring woman of strength, kindness and compassion. A teacher of life lessons, a giver from the heart. It’s once in a lifetime that a true friend comes along. I am a better women, listener, mother and giver because of her. She made a mark on my life that will be forever present as I continue to walk this life’s journey without her. She will forever be in my ear encouraging me along the way. Forever in my heart- to your family all my love.

  4. I was introduced to Joy through a friend (actually my CEO) who had worked with her at AMS. I worked with her for the following ten years and grabbed lunch and dinner with her whenever I visited the area. Remarkable, talented, warm, and giving are all understatements. I appreciated her and will miss her very much.

  5. Although I never met this remarkable woman, my son did. He called her his Colorado Mom. He told me she was not only his friend, but also his confidante, adviser, listener, hiking buddy, class buddy, and I’m sure many other activities and roles I’ve either forgotten or not even aware of. Thank you, Joy, for being his “Colorado Mom”, from his Texas Mom.

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