John Wesley Taylor

John Taylor, 31, passed away on October 7th in Frisco, CO. John was born in Raleigh, NC on October 14, 1991, and grew up in Wake Forest, NC. John had a personality larger than life and never met anyone that didn’t call him friend. His smile and sense of humor were infectious, and he loved to dance and celebrate the successes and joys of all around him.

As a youth in the Boy Scouts of America, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout, stood his Vigil in the Order of the Arrow and competed in national dance, ceremony and drum competitions. He served two terms as Lodge Chief (Youth President) of the Order of the Arrow, Occoneechee Lodge 104. He attended South Granville High School before transferring to and graduating from the North Carolina School of Science and Math in 2010.

John then attended North Carolina State University and earned a Batchelor of Science in Biological Engineering in 2015. While at NC State, he helped to reestablish Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, where he served as Noble Ruler and Chaplain.

After graduation, John took a job with Janssen Pharmaceutical and moved to Philadelphia where he started his career as a pharmaceutical research scientist. John then began working on a Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering at Villanova University, completing it in 2020. At the same time, he began working for Millipore Sigma, as a process development scientist, developing next generation biotherapeutic process optimization.

John is survived by his fiancé Gina DeFrancisco and their 3 cats, Brienne of Tarth, Podrick Payne and Arya Stark of Abington, Pennsylvania, his parents, Jay and Diane Taylor of Wake Forest, his brother Dylan and wife Gretchen of Caldwell, NC, his grandmother Peggy Taylor of Tarboro, NC, uncles Gray Taylor (Ginger) of Tarboro, Michael Taylor (Cindy) of Washington, NC, Dwight Ehrlichman (Gaylen) of Asheville, NC, Pete Vuncannon of Jackson Springs, NC along with many loving aunts, uncles and cousins. John was preceded in death by his grandparents, David A. Ehrlichman and Gloria S Ehrlichman, MD of Clinton, NC and James I Taylor, Jr., of Tarboro, uncle David J. Ehrlichman of South Haven, MS and aunt Beverly Taylor of Jackson Springs.

John will be buried in a private graveside ceremony at Bluestem Cemetery in Cedar Grove, NC on October 17 at 2 PM. A celebration of life gathering is being planned for a later date.

In lieu of flowers the family is asking that memorial gifts be made to Bluestem Community Fund, 1900 Hurdle Mills Road, Cedar Grove, NC, 27231 or online at Bluestem Conservation Cemetery.

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30 thoughts on “John Wesley Taylor”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss and cannot imagine your grief. Prayers for peace and comfort as you remember a life well lived. ????

  2. I’m ugly crying right now. What an awesome life of an amazing young man. John was always a happy and outgoing child who grew into the same x 10 as an adult. He was loved by so many and there will be a void forever in our hearts. We are so blessed that we saw him and Gina and the family just 2 weeks before as he was in our daughter’s wedding. Rocking it as usual! All ours friends and church members remember him from the wedding as fun, outgoing and engaging. His light will shine perpetually through all that loved him. What a life he lived and what love he gave. Bless Jay, Diane, Sweet Gina, My sweet Dylan and Grettie. We should all take a beat out of the John Taylor play book and just live life to the fullest. I will miss you so much my sweet nephew and we will honor your life through love, laughter, family and song. God speed Sweet Boy.

  3. I’m really sorry for your lost. I hope you all had some memorable times. Life is so short, we need to cherish all the moments we have here. I wish I had to got to known him, I think he would had some great stories to tell. I know Jay Taylor does. I hope you are ok Jay and Diane, I know it’s not easy but this too will pass.

  4. John had so many accomplishments.It is also evident by post and pictures he loved and was loved by many ❤️. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Dear Jay and Diane, Joe and I are so sorry for your loss. We met John at Grayson’s wedding and what a delightful young man. May God’s peace be with your family.

  6. So sorry for your loss. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you strength and comfort during this difficult time. There are no words to ease your pain. But do know you are loved by many.

  7. I worked with John. He was my process development scientist. I am heartbroken. John was a beautiful kind friend. We would work with my customers solving their scientific challenges in their labs by working on trials. My customers loved him, we always had fun and solved scientific challenges. We are all devastated. We are sending our heartfelt condolences to his whole family and to his fiancé, Gina. May his memory always be a blessing to all. We certainly were blessed to have him in our life.

  8. It is quite evident from pictures and posts w have read that John was a wonderful young man that was loved by many. Our prayers to the family.

  9. Dance with me, John. Let the music scream. Raise your arms and let them swirl in the air. Keep that precious smile and the boyish glisten in your eyes. Your light will never go out because you have touched so many hearts. Dance with me, John, until all the stars are gone. Dance with me, John.

  10. So sorry for loss. Keeping the Taylor family and Gina, Eileen and Dave in our prayers Praying for comfort and strength during this difficult time. May John rest In Eternal Peace

  11. Jay, Diane, and Dylan,
    Words can’t express how sorry I am, and how difficult it must be for you. John was a beautiful soul and he will be missed by many for a long time.He will always be remembered. I pray for peace for you, and love .Jimmy.

  12. Ugly crying doesn’t even begin to cover it. When Jeff broke down on the phone with Gray while we were in Italy last Saturday, I knew things were forever changed. I’ve been reading the tributes pouring in from all who knew John and not a single one but is full of praise and gratitude for knowing him. I’m beyond devastated – I can only imagine how his immediate circle is coping. This is the ultimate proof that life isn’t always fair, and it totally stinks. I still can’t wrap my head around that his beautiful soul has left us. Such an amazing, kind, über-smart, all-around sweetheart – the world is poorer with him not in it. I am grateful for his presence in our lives, and I am so very sorry. Sending love and virtual hugs to everyone: Jay, Diane, Gina, Dylan, and Grettie.

  13. John was a brilliant scientist working with him for his time at Janssen and he visited often when he worked at Millipore. He’s one of the people I looked forward to seeing because he’d give you a boost of positivity. RIP brother.

  14. I worked with John during his time at Millipore. John was wonderful to work with in spite of the terrible jokes he told. The Scout motto if I remember right is “Be Prepared”, nothing could have prepared us for this tragedy, I’m so sorry for your loss

  15. I am one of John’s MilliporeSigma colleagues. John’s friendly personality and his excellent work, really made a difference for us. Even after a week, the sense of loss is inexpressible. Please accept my sympathies to John’s family and his friends and colleagues. We all miss him.

  16. Jay & Diane,
    I can’t find the right words to say how sad I am about losing such a bright soul. I can only imagine how much you both must be hurting. I just want you to know, you raised an amazing guy who left a lasting impression on my life.
    He wasn’t just polite (I still laugh when I remember him calling me “mam” like I was a hundred years old!), he spread joy wherever he went. He shared his favorite cheesy dad joke with me (“How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogey in it.” My family still cracks up at that one). We had late-night dance parties in the lab, he was my partner in crime at concerts, and we explored the streets of Rome together.
    The memories I have with John are priceless, and I’ll be forever grateful for them. Like he did for so many others, John left a positive mark on my life that I can never repay and will never forget.
    I love you, buddy, and I’ll miss you always.

  17. Our deepest condolences for your loss. We have had the great privilege of working with him from out Europe. John was always so full of joy, knowledge, creative ideas and had this contagious good humour and laughter. He will be sorely missed.

  18. John worked in my team and had become recognized as a top-notch process development scientist, a great company ambassador and above all a wonderful human being. No amount of grieving would seem adequate to express the grief of John’s passing away. John will continue to be our guide reminding us that every day can be lived to its fullest, if we deck it up with love, fun, science and sincerity. Our deepest condolence to his entire family and fiancé.

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss! John was my go to guy whenever I had a question about all things Millipore. And I would always look forward to his visits cause he always brought a light of positivity with him and it also meant we get to go to our favorite place for lunch. I’ll make sure to order an extra burrito for you!

  20. John and I worked closely in the last 5 years as he was my process development scientist in my previous role and colleague. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with John in September where of course, he ROCKED his studies and amazed customers. He truly was a shining star in our organization and impacted many colleagues. John brought so much laughter and joy to anyone he met. His jokes were mostly funny, his music taste was incredible, and his soul was so kind. He will never be forgotten. My deepest condolences to the family as we all will miss him deeply.

  21. John was a student of mine for two semesters at NCSU. He was an upbeat and very nice guy and was very well like by everyone. I grieve that such a promising life was cut short. My condolences to his family, friends and former classmates.

  22. I’m one of the volunteers at Bluestem Conservation Cemetery and didn’t know John at all; the number of mourners who parked their cars, stepped out and donned a tie dyed shirt was a testament to his spirit. It was beautiful to see.

  23. Our hearts goes out to you all at this sad time. John deserved much more time to live his life and you all deserved more time with him. We pray you find peace, comfort, courage, and are surrounded by great love at this time of sorrow.

  24. We are so heartbroken losing John and pray for comfort for everyone. John loved Gina and we are so thankful for the love he gave to all of us. I’ll cherish every hug and every smile he shared with me when he and Gina would stop in to see us. Love to Jay, Diane, Dylan and Gretty from your extended family in Philadelphia.

  25. John was a shining light. All of us who knew and taught him in the NCSSM Music Discipline are devastated to hear of this tragic loss. He was always beacon of humor, positivity, and happiness. He made our days better when he was in our classes and rehearsals. Please accept my deepest condolences.

  26. John and his colleague Naomi worked with our bipharma company a few years ago to help us develop methods to produce new medicines for moms and babies who suffer from pre-eclampsia. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s especially sad to see such a promising young scientist pass before his time. My heartfelt condolences to his family & friends.

  27. Jay, Diane, and Dylan, I am truly so sorry for your loss. Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are with John, and it is such a testament to the type of friend he was that those same memories are as vivid as they are 20+ years later. I’m sending you all my deepest condolences and my biggest hugs.

  28. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s impossible to find the words to truly express the sympathy one feels for those who are grieving. Grief is terrible, although terribly necessary. I had the pleasure to work with John at Millipore, and among many of the saintly men I know, John is among the greatest. The person I admire most of all once said “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John’s life, atleast in the brief windows I got to glimpse, is testament to this. He gives his all, and you can feel his love and positivity radiate when you are around him. My family’s fervent prayers are for John’s family and friends. We lost my brother-in-law Ryan unexpectedly last year, and it still hurts. My wife and I had a son born a month later, and in memory had named him Wesley Ryan. I’m grateful to see that Wesley can now carry the name and memory of two larger than life men who have left an indelible impression upon me.

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