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During the evening of Monday, June 22, Geoff Ochsner, age 50, passed from the world while running the home trails that he loved so much. A curious soul who loved his community, Geoff devoted a small part of each day to reading about the lives of those who passed before him. We hope this small accounting of his life will make him smile.

Geoff was born in New Orleans and spent most of his childhood outside of Lynchburg, Virginia where he developed a lifelong love of music and animals. He earned a BA in Psychology from Vanderbilt University where he also met Elizabeth, his spouse and life partner of over 27 years. He earned MA and EdS degrees in Counseling Psychology from James Madison University and in 1994 moved to Boulder to begin his career as an intern at the Boulder Community Mental Health Center. There he met many amazing, caring mentors and friends who would shape his work with children and families in the years and decades to come. Throughout his career, Geoff was an unflinching witness to the pain and struggles we face. He put his time, his energy, and even more his heart into helping strengthen the wounded and the vulnerable. He never looked away.

Geoff’s two sons will carry on his insightful and curious nature and his joyous sense of humor. Geoff loved. He loved his family and friends, his music and his birds, sunrises and sunsets, and he treasured his many adventures throughout Colorado and the West.

His tribe is heartbroken. And to his tribe:

“There’s release in knowing the truth no matter how anguishing it is. You come finally to the irreducible thing, and there’s nothing left to do but pick it up and hold it. Then, at last, you can enter the severe mercy of acceptance.”  – Sue Monk Kidd

Geoff is survived by his wife Elizabeth and their sons, Ben and Elliot; his brother Jon of Atlanta, GA; his parents, Dr. and Mrs. (Cyndy) Fred Ochsner of Coleman Falls, VA; and his in-laws Dr. and Mrs. Warren Holland of Columbia, SC, Ginny Holland of Atlantic Beach, FL, and Warren Holland of Charlotte, NC.

In lieu of flowers, please consider supporting Geoff’s love of birds and music through a donation in his name to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology ( or The Kofi Burbridge Music Matters Fund (

4 thoughts on “Geoff Ochsner”

  1. To the Ochsner family, my sincere condolences for your loss. Please find comfort in the knowledge that God promises to end all suffering. Before long, God will wipe out every tear from our eyes, and “death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things (will) have passed away.”(Rev. 21:3,4). May this promise from God give you comfort now and a real hope for the future. My deepest sympathy.

  2. Geoff was my therapist and my light for 20+ years. He made me who I am today. Anyone lucky enough to meet him has been a better person because of it. I think about you every day Geoff. I miss you more than i can ever say, but also I know I am beyond lucky for the time we spent together. I work to carry on your spirit, but know you have left some might shoes to fill. I have some work to do. I miss you, my friend.

  3. Dear Ochsner family,
    I wanted to let you know how very sorry I am to hear of Geoff’s passing. Geoff was my son’s therapist. We loved him and his playful/caring smile. He was a truly gifted therapist and he helped my son through the sudden loss of his father in Dec 2018. Our family knows what it is like to lose a father and we can hardly believe that you are now experiencing the same thing. Geoff really made the world a better place and he helped many many people. We are forever grateful for his guidance during a very difficult era in our lives. My children are healthy and thriving now and although they will always miss their father, they are a testament to how we continue to grow even through the darkness.
    Sending our deepest condolences and a big hug,

  4. Geoff was my first therapist. At the time, I was very averse to the entire concept of therapy or the thought that I “needed” it. But Geoff almost instantly switched my perspective on therapy, mental health, well-being, and love through his incredible ability to speak, and relate to another human being. He and I share the same birthday, March 19th. He and my father share the same birth year, 1970. I will never forget Geoff Ochsner and the profound impact he had on my ever-growing journey of learning self love and compassion for others. To the family, I just want to say thank you. And my deepest condolences. Sending my thoughts, prayers and love to you all.


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