Aidan Case Sheahan

Aidan Sheahan was born in Oregon on October 29, 1992, and died in Denver, Colorado on June 9th, 2021. He was a beloved son, brother, and friend, and will be dearly missed.

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  1. I was so saddened to hear this news. I was Aidan’s 3rd grade teacher, the year we took the whole class to Mesa Verde. He was smart, kind hearted, patient and mellow when things went awry! He had the sweetest smile and once and a while he gave you that look like he knew exactly what you were thinking. Sending lots of love to his family. Rest In Peace Aidan.
    Love, Ellie Bilek Mackey

    1. Hey it’s Tara! I apologize for my delayed response, Aidan adored you!!!

      He grew into a very spiritual ‘being,’ Ellie. A pro skier, meditation teacher yogie. We journeyed to India together to learn how to live more in love less in fear. He is still my best friend, I feel his presence every day.

      Aidan’s girlfriend Alyssa crossed over last year from cancer. And with COVID the world got very crazy for a tender hearted, gentle Spirit. He was very ‘conscious’ when he left, tho none of us knew the extent of his anxiety and tinnitus – ear ringing that just wore him out emotionally.

      I believe his Soul was ready to go and because of my own devotion to meditation and inner peace, I hear him often laughing and loving me when I get sad, and miss him.

      He whispers ‘Mom where did I go?!’ Amd tells me to look at the Sun. ‘Son. Sun’. Same same.’ The life force energy he was in his body is now everywhere!

      This has been the greatest gift of knowing we don’t ‘die.’ We change form. And can love and be loved forever. Caelin his brother is doing well amd lives in Denver, works as a coder fir a big healthcare company. Casey is remarried living in Montana and feels Aidan with him too.

      Thank you for this note Ellie! We love you and Dave too!

      Aidan and I did a Tedtalk called Breathelab. We had so much fun together creating ways help people find inner love and joy!

  2. Aidan and I skied with each other many times over the years. Aidan was introduced to me by Frankie DiDomenico. The first day we skied together we were hitting a jump on Aspen Highlands doing cork 7s over a fence. Aidan had never done a cork 7 but had the courage to give it a go. After a few minutes of hyping him up, he went for it and stomped it first try. From then on I would randomly find him at Keystone, Breck, or Aspen and when we did we always choose to shred together for the rest of the day. Over the years as we grew older but still competing against each other in events like Aspen Open I would always think about our first time meeting and it always put a smile on my face and it still does to this day. Aidan was the most creative skier/person I have ever met. Unfortunately, his time was cut short but he left a lasting impact on me and many others. I pray that his family is doing ok through this tough process.



  3. I miss your moon boots.
    I miss your haircuts you gave yourself.
    I miss your car: blackbird.
    I miss your globe-sized dream catcher on your rear view.
    I miss your hippie boy scent.
    More than anything I miss our language.

    You truly were so generous, I’ll never forget everything you’ve done for me.
    What was yours was mine and what was mine was yours.

    Biiiiiiig air

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