What You May Not Know About Funerals

funeral homes in Longmont, CO

When planning the funerary services for a loved one, it can make a huge difference to have as much information as possible about the options available. Many times, people think they know all about funeral services, but there are many things you may not be sure about. Here are the things that you may not know about these services that directors of funeral homes in Longmont, CO want you to remember.


The first thing that you may not know is that you can have a funeral service at any time. Lots of people think that you can only do this right after the death of the person, but that is not the case. You can have the service whenever you prefer. You only have to race to make these arrangements when you want to have the casket present. Otherwise, you can take the time to plan the service whenever you prefer.


Another thing to remember is that you can have a funeral even if you choose to have the person cremated. This is another misconception people have, since they tend to think that there has to be a casket present. If you want to have the casket present, you can have the service before the cremation, but if you do not, then you can have the funeral once the cremation is done and have the urn present. It will depend solely on your own preferences.


Lots of people think that embalming is mandatory. That is not the case. Embalming is mandatory only if you want to have an open casket or a viewing. Otherwise, you can skip this. For people who are working with a smaller budget or who want services that are greener, this can be important to keep in mind.

funeral homes in Longmont CO

Another thing you may want to remember is that a casket and a coffin are two different things. People tend to use the words interchangeably, but that is not accurate. A casket is what is used most in this country. It is made up of four sides, while a coffin is made up of size. Coffins are used most often overseas. By knowing this, you will be able to make the right choice for your loved one.


All of these tips can ensure that you can plan the exact kind of funerary services for your loved one that you want. Be sure to reach out to experts to know more about what you can arrange. Do not feel that you are limited in the options that you have, since you can choose to have a funeral even if you had the person cremated. If you want to start planning the funeral service, you can reach out to a Longmont, CO funeral home like us at The Natural Funeral. We are here to answer any questions about this process so that you can get the exact options you want. Stop by our location today or give us a call now for more information.

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