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As you start thinking about attending the service of a loved one that will take place during the summer months and outside, you want to be sure that you know what you want to wear. Most people have an idea of what to wear to regular service, but for a summer service that will be outside, you want to consider the best options so that you are comfortable and not too hot. There are some things that directors of funeral homes in Lafayette, CO want you to keep in mind.


The first thing that you want to consider is the color options that you have. Black is always appropriate but it may be too hot during the summer if the service will be outside. Think about other options that are somber and respectful, like greens and blues. You want to avoid anything too bright or with a very busy pattern.


You want to also think about the kind of fabrics that are most suited for an outside service during the summer. For women, this can be a bit easier than for men, since men’s suits tends to be made of thicker materials. If you are worried about this, consider linen options. Linen is an appropriate choice, but do remember that you want the outfit to have a formal cut so that is does not look too casual. The same thing applies for women’s outfits that are made of linen or cotton.

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You also want to remember that women can wear sleeveless options. In the past, sometimes this was frowned upon, but now it is perfectly acceptable, especially during the summer. If you do not want to go completely sleeveless, you can choose to have a cap sleeve or something similar. This can make a big difference in the heat, so do consider it.


Wearing a hat or headscarf is something that lots of people choose to do to show respect during the service of a loved one. It is important to consider that it can also make your head very hot if there is a lot of sun and that is not something you want. If you still want to wear a head covering, choose one that is made of lighter materials.


These are some important things you want to remember when choosing the outfit you will wear to a service that will be outside during the summer. You do not want to have to worry about getting too hot, so be sure to consider all of this before making a choice. If you want to know more about the options you have and what can be appropriate, you can reach out to a Lafayette, CO funeral home like us at The Natural Funeral. We are ready to help you with all of the decisions you need to make after the loss of a loved one. You can give us a call right now or you can stop by to ask any questions you may have.