Yorick James Graham came into the world backwards on September 18, 2013, in Tucson, Arizona.  From the beginning, he was an active, boisterous, and unique child who loved to laugh.  His personality was on full display to the world from day one, and from day one he found joy wherever he could.  Yorick loved animals, nature, reading, math, anime, and playing video games with his friends and family.  He loved to play games and sports at the neighborhood park with his Dad, siblings, and neighbors.

Yorick died unexpectedly on March 28, 2023 in Longmont, Colorado at age 9 (and a half!) due to complications from undiagnosed cancer.

During his life, Yorick was well-known for being a kind person with a keen sense of humor and a larger-than-life voice.  At school, Yorick was recognized for his mathematical abilities and his trustworthy character.  He was a good and loyal friend, and his enthusiasm for the small wonders in life brought joy to those around him.

Yorick’s memory is held in the hearts of his parents Emma and Matt, his older sibling Maya, his twin sister Annika, and a host of loving family, friends, and pets.

As a way to remember sweet Yorick, we invite you to wear his favorite colors, orange and yellow.  If you would like to honor his memory, some suggestions from his family are to send donations to your local Humane Society, or go on an “adventure” with friends and loved ones (e.g. a nature hike, a trip to an arcade, mini-golf, etc.).  Yorick can be visited in the southeast section of Lyons Cemetery.  More information, including donation opportunities related to Yorick’s illness, will eventually be found at yorickgraham.org.

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10 thoughts on “Yorick Graham”

  1. Dear Matt, Emma, Keith, and Teri,
    Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of extraordinary memories. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Vickie and Tom Kastl ????????

  2. Beautiful beautiful boy. My heart aches for you and your precious family. Please except my sincere condolences for your loss. May you find comfort in each other’s love and every time, that you remember that spectacular little grin of his. Sending love…

  3. My heart aches for your family Emma, I never got to meet your sweet boy, but heard about him and yhe girls from your mom❤. Looking at the pictures he sure resembles Lindy. I miss her so much as well. Please know I am praying for you all.
    Cousin Pam

  4. Great Aunt Susie and Great Uncle Chuck are heartbroken over your passing and think about you all the time. We love you and will miss you always.
    Hugs and love to family and all who are sharing in this grief.

  5. Since the days our little ones were in preschool together, I haven’t been able to hear Yorick’s name without a huge reaction. I immediately hear his laugh and see the way his lips move when he laughs and his GORGEOUS eyes. Yorick is a hoot – always full of little-boy joy. He was always poking something with a stick or making us all laugh, and then looking up at us through his enormous lashes.

    Yorick made a splash everywhere he went. Kind and good-natured, but curious and funny.

  6. When thinking of Yorick we always remember playing after school at Blue Skies Park. He was always playing with everyone and was so focused on having fun. The kids all loved playing on the climbing pyramid and had races to the top and back down again all of the time. Even though we moved away Ethan still talks about all of the friends he made at Blue Mountain and Yorick was a big part of those memories for him.

    We hope that you find comfort in these memories during such a tough time.

  7. Yorick helped Nora feel belonged in times she felt alone. His unconditional friendship is in our hearts and will live on though our actions. Love always.

  8. The other day, Tobias reminded me of the time at Grand Mesa when Yorick kept wanting to go on walks around the lake… so that he could pick up trash! Yorick also really wanted to see animals that trip. He toughed it out on a hike for the chance of animal sightings, even though he was so hungry.
    Yorick was always busting out with some interesting commentary or had funny answers to my questions. Like the time when the Grahams arrived at my house so late at night, he had fallen asleep in the car; and the first thing Yorick says when he wakes up is “Where are my fries?!!!!” ???? He was kind and thoughtful, even offering me some of his precious candy necklace drip and letting me ride with him on the Secret Life of Pets at Universal. (He said, “I guess that’s our family!” at the end when we are ‘adopted’.)
    I’m really going to miss talking with Yorick and adventuring with him. He is one of a kind for sure.

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