Ceramic Urn Boulder CO Funeral Home And Cremations

One of six children, I was raised on a small farm,  just north of the Missouri Ozarks.  In 1976, I came to Colorado for a summer, but loving the sunny, blue skies and open minds, I never left.

I settled in Boulder, studied at CU, and eventually owned and ran a bakery called Treats, on 9th Street.  Welcoming a daughter in 1986, I sold the bakery and began a career path that allowed me to be home with her and also where I could be creative daily.  Over time I studied with locally and nationally renowned ceramicists and with much practice I learned to make really good pots.  I continue to study painting, sculpture, and drawing through classes and workshops each year to bring new ideas and techniques to my work.  Thirty plus years of working with clay and it is still a terrific medium for me.  With endless options in forming, glazing and firing techniques, clay holds vast possibilities for expression in both the functional ware I began with and for the sculpting I’ve pursued for the past decade.  Working with all the components and possibilities of clay is physically and mentally engaging, it focuses my whole being.