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As you start thinking about the ways that you want to honor a loved one who wanted to be cremated, it can be a good idea to consider how to make this unique. Your loved one was a unique individual and so they deserve to have something done with their cremated remains that is also unique. To help you with this, there are some suggestions that providers of cremation services in Lafayette, CO want you to keep in mind.

One way that you can honor your loved one’s cremated remains is to give them a water burial. This is something that can be a good choice if your loved one enjoyed going to the ocean or lakes. A water burial allows you to cast the cremated remains directly into the sea or any other body of water. It is important to remember that you need to have a biodegradable urn if you want to lower all of it into the water. These urns can be made of materials like salt, clay, and even seaweed.

Another thing that you can choose for a loved one is to have the remains mixed with cement. You can then use this mixture to make a sculpture or anything else that you prefer. This can be a moving tribute for a loved one, and can allow you to have a sculpture made for a memorial garden if that is what you choose.

You can mix the remains into a pot with earth to allow a plant to grow from it. If your loved one enjoyed working with plants or was concerned with the planet, this can be a moving way of honoring them. You can plant a tree or a bush or anything else that you prefer.

Another unique way of honoring a loved one is to have the cremated remains added to fireworks. There are lots of companies that offer this option and it can be a lovely way of honoring someone who loved parties and celebrations. The mixture of glitter and cremated remains will allow everyone to celebrate the life of the person.

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All of these options can allow you to have a unique way of honoring a loved one and of disposing of their cremated remains. You want to consider the things that your loved one enjoyed doing and to think about what they would have preferred in tribute. You can opt for something like a water burial if you want to dispose of the remains, or you can choose to have the remains mixed with cement to be able to create something beautiful with them. If you have questions about this or if you are not sure about the options you have, you can turn to a Lafayette, CO cremation service provider like us at The Natural Funeral. We are ready to ensure that you find exactly what you want for your loved one. You can give us a call right now or you can stop by our location.

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