Thomas Richard Voll was born September 21, 1951, and grew up in Deerfield, Illinois. His passions for family, nature, music, and electronics started young and were well nurtured by the Voll family, the Boy Scouts, his schools, and the Deerfield First Presbyterian Church.

As a Purdue University educated Electrical Engineer, Tom participated in the invention of the microchip on his first job with Intel Corporation. He devoted the second half of his career to bringing cell phone services to island nations in the South Pacific.

Brought together by their love of family, nature and the work of Carl Jung, Tom married his childhood minister’s daughter in 1995. Together, Tom and Leota Ann brought the Chartres Labyrinth to churches throughout the state of Oregon.

After moving to Boulder in 2002, Tom and Leota Ann participated in founding the Boulder Friends of Jung.

Retiring in 2012, Tom devoted his last years to enjoying his family, working as a volunteer park ranger for Boulder County Parks and Open Space, singing baritone for Cantabile Singers, and participating in St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church.

Tom will be dearly missed by his wife, Leota Ann Didier Voll, his children Katherine and Chris Yorks, grandson Cameron, brother Bob and family, and his friends.

His funeral will be held at 11 am on Saturday, December 4 at St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Boulder. The service will also be available on Zoom through the St. Mary Magdalene website at

Gifts may be made in Tom’s honor to Cantabile Singers or St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church and sent to:

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church
P.O.Box 188
Niwot, CO 80544

12 thoughts on “Thomas Richard Voll”

  1. I will always remember Tom’s exceptional kindness, compassion, respect and intelligence, as well as his great love of dreams, nature and humanity. The world has lost a precious soul.

  2. I’m glad I got to know Tom through sharing dreams in a dream group and attending Boulder Friends of Jung events. He will always bring a smile to my face when I think of him.

  3. I sang with Tom in the Cantabile Singers, and always appreciated his intelligent and thoughtful presence as part of our choral community, his deep compassion and generous spirit, love for his family and his church community, and his subtle sense of humor. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to know him. May he rest in peace with God, and may his family and friends find comfort in their fondest memories of Tom.

  4. Tom is one of the finest men I have ever known…a quiet, intelligent, unsung hero…a truly decent human being and a wonderful presence in our extended family

  5. Tom was one of the sweetest men I have ever known. I enjoyed singing with him in the Cantabile Singers. I had not realized we came from the same area in IL and both were intrigued by the works of Carl Jung but I know we have lost a very special person into God’s hands.

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom in Cantabile Singers. He was a wonderful, kind man. I remember talking with him about our shared love of nature and recalling his gentle presence as very comforting. He will be dearly missed.

  7. Tom was a dear friend in high school, and I’m sorry we didn’t stay in touch thereafter. As others have eloquently said, he was a remarkable and wonderful man in so many ways. Rest well, dear heart, and know that all your friends miss you in absentia.

  8. Tom was such a kind, gentle and generous man who lived a life connected to the “spirit of the depths”. We are so sorry to learn that he is no longer on this earth with us. There is no doubt that his his large spirit will continue to influence this world he left changed because of who he was each day.

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