Terrill (Terry) Lee Grisham of Louisville, Colorado passed peacefully at home surrounded by family on February 18, 2021 at the age of 66 of liver cancer. He was kept comfortable by the caring Halcyon Hospice team. He was predeceased by his father Harold Lee Grisham, & his mother Mary Darlene Butts Jones. He is survived by sisters Sharon Ann Grisham Till, Esther Lynn Hanson, Mary Kathleen Watson Carlton, Laraine Jay Grisham Parcher, Renita Marie Grisham Lucas, & Carrie Louise Jones Morgan, along w/ many nieces, nephews, aunts, & uncles. Born May 30, 1954 in Thermopolis, Wyoming, he was the third of seven kids and the only boy.

Terry was a relentless wanderer with an infectious zeal for living each day as a new adventure, in his own way. He was known by many, far & wide, for his hard work, his independence, & his endless talents. Though Terry didn’t finish high school, he was whip-smart … some say the great intellect of his family. He was a voracious reader, & a lifelong student of art, history & the humanities, forever driven by passion & curiosity. Terry spent much of his life as a nomad, & he was pleased to say he had traveled to all of the fifty states except Hawaii. Wherever he went, he always beamed with extraordinary tales of his journeys & all the folks he met along the way.

Terry was a skilled stonemason, a true craftsman, & an artist at heart. He worked in construction, collected rare treasures from all over the world, & even made beautiful jewelry—never leaving home without a present in his pocket to give away. Now that Terry is no longer with us, we are grateful for these tokens to remind us of his spirit, & his great embrace of life. Terry’s family is planning a memorial gathering in Boulder this spring. Contact laraineparcher@gmail.com for details.

A selection of photos to remember Terry by is at https://photos.app.goo.gl/CNA1KobNqXghRaz28.

3 thoughts on “Terrill “Terry” Lee Grisham”

  1. A memory I have from our childhood is Terry nailing his shoes to the top of the stairs, then stepping into them and leaning forward to see how far he could lean over! If I remember right, he broke his arm pretty badly with this experiment. Terry was a walking encyclopedia, so much knowledge on so many topics and always a story to share. He will be missed.

  2. Terrill was a client in my office for close to 25 years. We always looked forward to his visit on every renewal as he always had a joke or some interesting history to share or a gift for one of the ladies in the office. I learned he worked as a stone mason and asked if he could do some projects at my house. He was such an artist with stone. He made some stone pillars in the front of the house, one containing a mailbox. When he was done, they looked as if they had been in that spot for hundreds of years and matched the house perfectly. It was just astounding to see him work and he had a joke every time I stopped by to see how he was progressing. I’ll really miss Terrill!

  3. I knew him through the Christian outreach that Gene, my husband, and I had to students, street people, and others. They gathered in our house for meetings with singing and teaching for many years. Terry did such a marvelous job on all the rock work he did for Gene and me. It is always admired. I told him that his work really helped me sell my house. Terry was gifted in stonework. He was creative and artistic. We were so thankful to know him.

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