On September 17th 2022, Samuel Fisher, beloved son, brother, partner, and friend tragically passed away in a plane crash in Boulder County. He was just 23 years old. Sam was the brightest star in our galaxy, the most beautiful flower in our garden and the loudest laughter in our lives. His positive energy radiated and touched so many. His Infectious laughter and smile will never be forgotten.  Sam had just finished college and was beginning his adult life. He had so much to offer the world and was undoubtedly going to achieve great things. His greatest achievements were the friendships he built and the love he shared with those who knew him. Sam befriended everyone he met, he danced to every song he heard and he loved with every ounce of his being. It was impossible not to love Sam and it was impossible for Sam not to love you back. He was a once-in-a-lifetime soul and the world will not be the same without him. Hold the ones you love close and dance with them to every song because that’s what Sam would want you to do. May we carry on his legacy of love for life forever and live every day to its fullest.

Thank you for directing memorial gifts for Sam to the Matthew Shepard Foundation. The family has created a custom donation page for gifts in Sam’s memory: https://bit.ly/samfisherdonations


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3 thoughts on “Samuel Fisher”

  1. Dear Family,
    I just wanted to share my deepest sympathy for the loss of your beloved Sam. You don’t know me, but my son, 17, is getting his pilot’s license. (He will be soloing in the next couple of weeks).
    I don’t need to tell you how special pilots are! They are passionate about aviation (if not obsessed!). The loss of even one pilot is a tragedy for the entire aviation community. As I read the obituary I couldn’t help but think that Sam was doing what he loved, and that’s a beautiful thing to hold on to.
    As a mother of a young pilot I often get the question, “How can you let him do that? It’s so dangerous.” My reply: “People pass away everyday doing the most ordinary of things. Crossing the street can be dangerous. B not living one’s dreams and not lifting up others to live their dreams is tragic.” I know if it were my son, I would find comfort in knowing that he was doing something extraordinary, because having what it takes to be a pilot is extraordinary.
    I hope you can find comfort in knowing that those of us (strangers) associated with the aviation world (especially those mothers who fear an accident like Sam’s) are thinking of you and are heartbroken. And I will dance with my son (and daughter) thinking always of the good advice Sam would have given. I am truly so sad for your loss.

  2. Sam was an awesome young man who befriended my stepson in the fifth grade and was one of the first boys to reach out to him when he immigrated from China and spoke no English!

    Sam was a truly gentle spirit

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