Dear Community of Friends,

Re: Invitation to Sacred Vigil for Ryder Gore

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Many of you may already have heard of the sudden death of our son, Ryder Gore, on Friday, May 11th, 2018. Ryder faced many medical challenges throughout his life, but his spirit was strong and resilient. He was a beacon of happiness and joy.

To mark and support Ryder’s spiritual transition and to bless his physical remains, we’d like to invite you to a attend a short vigil with his body, Tuesday, May 14, at the home of dear friends and neighbors, Travis and Alison at:


474 Marine Street,

Boulder, CO 80302

between 4:30PM and 6:00 PM.


Ryder’s body will be in a small, spiritual space in the rear of the grounds. Before you arrive, we will have washed, anointed with essential oils, and wrapped him in a linen shroud in an age-old sacred ceremony.

The spiritual space will be open for those who wish to reverently visit and spend a few moments to pay respects.

Those who do not wish to enter are welcome to gather in the home and grounds for tea and cookies.

You may wish to bring a meaningful object to place on the table inside to convey your love and wishes for Ryder’s spiritual journey.

Ideas are a poem, verse, prayer, any small ritual object, or flowers for the family to plant in remembrance in their garden.

Luci, a family friend, will be offering an artistic activity for children, so they can express themselves creatively at this time.

Kim Shipman and John Gore

For questions, please contact Travis at