Robert (Bob) Allen Rubenstein was born April 6, 1936 in Orange County, California, and passed away peacefully, with his family around him, September 26, 2022 in Louisville, Colorado.  Bob is survived by his wife of 48yrs, Joan Rubenstein, his daughters Caroline Loewengart and Andrea Scher,

We could tell you about all the beautiful clothing stores he had in Orange County, or the art galleries (full of contemporary Italian art) he had in Carmel, New Orleans, Sarasota and Seattle. We could tell you about how those trips to Italy were some of his favorite times – hanging out on the Spanish steps in Rome, visiting artist studios in Florence, having long dinners full of red wine and bolognese with friends.  But that wouldn’t really get to the heart of what he treasured most – his girls. His wife Joan and his daughters Caroline and Andrea were the light of his life. All he ever wanted was to protect and care for them – his whole life was centered around that.

Bob was kind, through and through. He saw the best in pretty much everyone and moved with a gentleness that is rare and precious. His kindness shown in the way he acknowledged every hospice nurse with so much gratitude. “You’re doing such noble work,” he’d say. “You’re terrific. Thank you for everything.” He went out in the same way he lived – without resistance and with a deep surrender for what is.

We played a Spotify shuffle of songs on his last day. And when he took his last breath, a Gordon Lightfoot song was playing – Carefree Highway.

Carefree highway
Let me slip away on you
Carefree highway
You’ve seen the better days
The morning after blues
From my head down to my shoes
Carefree highway
Let me slip away, slip away on you
Let me slip away on you

Bob will be missed, not just by his girls, but also his grandchildren (Caleb, Ruby, Benjamin and Nico) his brother Marty, and many friends. He died on Rosh Hashanah this year, which in jewish tradition is a very auspicious day to die, reserved for the most righteous, because they are needed until the very end of the year. We are so grateful for his gentle and loving presence in our lives.

2 thoughts on “Robert (Bob) Allen Rubenstein”

  1. Dear Joni, Caroline, Andrea & children.
    .This is a beautiful tribute to your husband, Dad & grandfather.
    He was a gentle soul,, & a great support to all of you.
    With much love.

  2. Thank you for the lovely tribute ! Uncle Bob was a kind , generous and mild- mannered mensch who saw the goodness in others and was a bedrock of love and care for the beautiful family of gals he wisely married into . I was touched by his gentle spirit on my visit from Canada one summer as a wayward youth . He and the gals took me in and when I made it back home his spirit stayed with me as it has all who knew his rare and precious gifts , that they always be a memory . Warm condolences to dear Auntie Jonie, Caroline and Andrea and grandkids ! Hugs , Bobby

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