Natural care of the deceased distinguishes The Natural Funeral from conventional funeral businesses. Our Reverent Body Preparation is a gentle washing with natural products, anointing with pure essential oils, and dressing of the deceased.

We do not embalm (an invasive practice using carcinogenic formaldehyde and other toxic products).

While some may see Reverent Body Preparation simply as a respectful last act of cleansing of the physical remains, others may connect with it as an ancient ceremonial blessing and taking leave of the body.

We honor your beliefs and tailor our services to create the most meaningful, healing experience for you.

The Natural Funeral staff can guide or assist families who choose this option and wish to participate in Reverent Body Preparation or our staff can care for your loved-one without your presence. If we are called to provide Reverent Body Preparation, we treat each person as if they were one of our own.

If you choose one of our funeral packages that includes some time for a vigil with the body after death (to gather, bear witness, honor, and personally bless the deceased with their body present), Reverent Body Preparation may be included.