Patricia Idella Hayden passed away peacefully on August 13, 2021 in the home of her daughter & son-in-law in Loveland, CO.  She was born to the late Dallas Walter Hayden and the late Idella Virginia McMillen on August 16, 1933 in Greeley, Colorado.

Patricia (“Pat” & “Patty”) spent her school years in Colorado & California, helping care for her “brood of assorted brothers”, five in all, including two half-brothers and two step-brothers.  Those brothers sang her praises from the rooftops even throughout their adult lives!

On July 13, 1950, she married William (Bill) Eugene Hout in Larimer County Colorado and shortly thereafter, Bill joined the Air Force and they moved to San Antonio, Texas, where their first child, William Hugh Hout, was born.  While restationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, their two daughters, Kathryn Dell Hout and Virginia Lee Hout were born.  In 1957, they moved to Pinedale, Wyoming where the last of their four children, Jack Brian Hout, was born.

Patricia spent the next 32 years in Pinedale as a homemaker, librarian, travel agent, office assistant and the most beloved elementary school secretary.  Pat was much more than a secretary; she was a mentor, advocate, friend, mother and grandmother to the school staff and the children.  Her home was always full of her childrens’ peers because they loved being around her and their family.  Patricia was an AVID skier and made certain that all her children and grandchildren were exposed to the sport.  She skied until her early 80’s when an injury prompted her to give it up.  It was also during those Pinedale years that she was first exposed to her life passion second only to skiing, that being yoga.  Pat was renowned for her love of swimming at Sandy Beach and was an original member of the “Sandy Beach Polar Bear Club”; a group of women who were the 1st to swim in Fremont Lake right after the ice went off!!  Patricia was well-known for her active lifestyle that, in addition to skiing and yoga, included bicycling, lap-swimming, jogging and tennis.

In 1989, she and Bill divorced and she moved to Port Angeles, Washington to be near her oldest son, Bill, and his family.  While in Port Angeles, she worked as an office assistant in a counseling center.  In 1992, she moved to Boulder, Colorado to be near her daughters and their families.  She was employed there for 10 years as the office assistant at a large assisted living complex.  It was in Boulder that Patricia began to seriously pursue her passion for yoga by becoming a certified yoga instructor which, in Colorado, requires extensive study and testing.  It took her over 18 months to obtain the certification since she was working full-time but she was committed to pursuing her dream which she accomplished!  Along with her yoga practice, she also became a meditation instructor.

In 2002, she relocated to Casper, Wyoming to be near her youngest son, Jack Brian, and his family and to pursue her passion for yoga and meditation.  She developed her clientele from the ground up and eventually became an instructor at  Casper College and three Casper fitness centers.  At the time of her stroke in the fall of 2016, at the age of 83, she was teaching 13 yoga classes a week!  Her reputation and circle of influence as a yoga and meditation instructor preceded her throughout Casper.  In the years following her series of strokes and numerous medical visits and transitions through assisted living and nursing care, she and/or her name was recognized  and highly esteemed by students, former students, parents of students, spouses of students and a number of yoga instructors.

Patricia fiercely loved her family and will be most remembered by them for her practical wisdom, her unconditional love, she always made time for each one and never gave up on any of them.  Each of her children would tell you that they were her favorite because that’s how she made them feel!  She was a model of kindness and compassion and she lived her life in full integrity.  She was loved and respected by all who knew her.  As her nephew, Mark McMillen, stated recently, “You are one of the most lovingly progressive people I have ever met and will always remain a great source of inspiration for me.  I hope that some of your positive energy and outlook on life has rubbed off on me.  I love you so….and your calm, passionate spirit.  So honored to call you kin.”

No one has left a larger footprint of patience, loving kindness, positive impact and influence than “our Patty”; her legacy of love lives on in her precious family….

Patricia was preceded in death by her brothers, Jack Walter Hayden and Tim McMillen;  step-brothers, Andy McMillen and Jerry McMillen; her son, Jack Brian Hout and grandson, Randall Tyrone Hout.

Patricia is survived by her brother, Thomas O. (Nancy) McMillen; son, William Hugh (Elaine) Hout, daughters Kathryn Dell (Tuko Lodro) Singey, Virginia Lee (Dennis Gibson) Hout; daughter-in-law, Karen Heitzman-Hout (wife of the late Jack Brian Hout); grandchildren, Heather Frances (Josh) Graham, Natasha Nadine (Maximiliano Nealon) Delgado, Kassandra O’Brian (Mike) Lesco, Hannah (Anthony Kingston) Hout, Hunter Dale Hout, Jana DeVolin (wife of the late Randall Tyrone Hout); great-grandchildren MaKenna Elaine (Zachary Grasky) Hout, Lauryn Jo Hout, Dexter Layne Graham, Sarasvati De Speer, Samaya Lu Speer, Michael R. Lesco, Edee Faith Lesco, Jack Brian Lesco; one great-great grandchild, Kamdyn Layne Grasky; nephews Tim McMillen, Tory McMillen, Gordon Hayden, Mark McMillen, Mike McMillen, Patrick McMillen, Drew McMillen and one niece, Veronica “Vickie” Daub.

A potluck reception in her honor and remembrance will be held in Casper, Wyoming on October 2, 2021 at 1:00 PM at the Amoco Park labyrinth.  A celebration of life ceremony will be held in Pinedale, Wyoming the weekend of July 16, 2022.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be sent to hospice Tru Community Care, 2594 Trailridge Drive East, Lafayette, CO 80027, Paradise Valley Christian Church in Casper, WY.

For those who are considering making a donation to honor Patricia Hayden’s “Ahimsa” (kind and loving) character please visit the Ahimsa Memorial Fund to benefit future yoga students.

6 thoughts on “Patricia Idella Hayden”

  1. Beloved oh beloved! I can only praise thee.

    Thank you for being such a precious being! You remain in perfect poise, infinitely present within in the one collective heart… I Bow.

    Patricia Idella Hayden, such fitting names: all your names meaning “Noble Bountiful Valley”. ~~~ We your beloved children are the seeds, flowers, grasses, trees, birds, butterflies… the life that occupies (stem from) your poetic maternal vale. ? Life blood ?

    Such love and gratitude.
    A true Bodhisattva ~~~ who’s nature and purpose was to hold, emanate and bestow Bodhicitta (Loving Kindness). You. …again, I bow.

    A cherished Ma, GrandMa, GreatGrandMa and GreatestGreatGrandMa! ~~~ For me, for us all, you rest a perfect jewel!

    Indeed we “LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK” …to all infinite cosmic moons and back!

    Stardust becomes clay, becomes body (embodiment of sparkling consciousness). Fantastical magic, life! Birth, old age, sickness and death, the recipe for becoming. To become the Lotus!
    …upon physical death (a natural occurrence akin to the removing a tight shoe) we recognize a transference; you, passing into the beyond-beyond, reabsorbing with what is only absolute.


    Which means…

    gone over,
    gone fully over.
    So be it!

    The Heart Sutra

  2. A beautiful soul with an incredible love and devotion for her family. May she travel on in peace and light.

  3. Patricia,

    Your grace and energy will never be forgotten. You taught me YOGA and were my favorite. Now, it is time for me to start YOGA again. I will remember your teachings. Fly sweetly and gently.

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