Patricia was born in Leigh, England and moved to New York when she was four years’ old. She left this world on June 20th, 2019. She is survived by her husband Andy, children Alison and Andrew, and grandsons Owen, Andrew and Ian. Patricia and Andy were together for 44 years having met when they were both attending the Salford University. She is also survived by her brothers John and Anthony and their families.

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Patricia graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Masters in Public Health and was an industrial hygienist working for GE, Bristol Myers and Bell Labs. The family lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey before moving to Colorado in 2018.

Trish focused her attention on her family first and foremost and enjoyed traveling with them to many destinations across the globe. For years she battled against MS and later in her life against cancer. Throughout, she did not complain about her ailments making her an inspiration and so easy to love.

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For donations in honor of the life of Patricia Huggins please visit the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

4 thoughts on “Patricia Huggins”

  1. Trish was an amazing woman. We loved having her right next door in Pennington. We will miss chatting with her about her grandkids. Every year in the fall, we would brainstorm ideas for the perfect gifts for her beloved grandchildren. She was a thoughtful person, and wanted to delight the children with her spot on gifts. Trish had so much courage and love in her heart. She will be truly missed.

  2. Where to start? There have been so many memories of fun times over the years.
    Our first visit to Bay Terrace for the wedding, we sat up all night talking, singing and laughing. It was 1977, we all so young and full of excitment.
    The wedding was very special, Joe gave a reading, St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, Trish’s mom said he should be a preacher! Trish looked stunning, a beautiful young woman, Andy was punching well above his weight.
    The years passed and we kept in touch, Andy and Trish visited us in Swanston (Edinburgh) in the early eighties, young Andrew was just a toddler and Alison was an infant. We visited them at Andy’s mother’s house and were made very welcome.
    We met numerous times over the years in West Chester, in New York City, and Pennington. We traveled together to Washington, Atlantic City and various other places. We went to shows together, we saw Paul Simon and Bob Dylan at a joint concert in Camden New Jersey. We took in a baseball game in Philidelphia, we saw 42nd Street on 42nd street on the 4th of July. Trish took everything in her stride, living life to the full despite her illness
    At Alison’s wedding, Trish looked a picture of happiness, the whole day was so memorable, both Andy and Trish were very much the proud parents.
    We have had so much fun over the years it is difficult to pick out the best memories. We recall the look of astonishment on Trish’s face when the elevator doors opened at the hotel in Barcelona, to reveal Sandra and I standing there. It was such surprise arranged between Sandra and Andy. There was also the time at the Atlantis complex in the Bahamas when we all spent time going round and round the lazy river, Trish loved it being able to join in an activity we could all do together. Later Andy was able to get a special chair with large tyres to get Trish on to the beach which she loved.
    These are just a few examples of the very precious times we spent in Trish’s company. She was a very special lady who lived life to the full in spite of her very difficult circumstamces. We will never forget her, her laughter, her sense of humour, her kindness and her sprit. A generous human being who left her mark on all who had the good fortune to know her.
    Love always.
    Joe and Sandra Marshall.

  3. I grew up with the Whyte’s in 1960’s New York- we lived in built up Brooklyn and they lived across the river in Staten Island
    So many happy times and memories in those early years which extended into the next decades – a very extended vacation in the early 80’s to S.Island where it was a home from home – trips by the Huggins family to us in Dublin and our trips to Pennington and of course our fun times in Annie’s in Mountshannon or as Anthony dubbed it – The Little Apple ! Or the ‘ Feakleness’ (Johnny’s word !)of the wonderful music we enjoyed in Feakle –
    Trish was always so involved and so full of energy and fun and despite her MS in the later years she never allowed it to take over and never ever complained – that unique and so exclusive brand of the Conroy laid back way of life and humor came shining through in spades !
    My abiding memory was one Christmas in S. Island – we were both on a toboggan coming down that long hill from the train station on Bay Terrace picking up speed – I jumped off, but Trish ? ….oh no, she stayed on !
    To Andy Andrew and Alison you all knew you had someone very special – and she was special to us too.

  4. Trish was a good friend and great fun to be with, even in the worst of times for her. We meet many years ago in a support group Ifor children who had a parent with health issues, arranged by some teachers at Tollgate Grammer School in Pennington NJ. I enjoyed shopping with her, even in a few shops that weren’t wheel chair accessible. And lunch was always an sdventure. I often think of her with great fondness.

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