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We started Nature’s Casket to provide a simple yet elegant eco-friendly casket.
Our goal is to ensure that all of our quality hand-crafted products have a minimal ecological footprint with a classic, dignified style.
We are environmental advocates with backgrounds in carpentry, construction, and other artistic endeavors.
In the Rocky Mountains, the mountain pine beetle infestation has destroyed millions of acres of lodgepole and ponderosa pines. Much of this wood needs to be harvested to avoid catastrophic fires. We build our products with this sustainably harvested wood, while using minimal amounts of metal fasteners, nontoxic adhesives, and natural oil finishes (all readily biodegradable).
To ensure that our caskets are carbon neutral, we worked with the Colorado Carbon Fund to determine the carbon footprint of our caskets, from harvesting to manufacture to shipping. As it turns out, our caskets have a negative greenhouse gas footprint (-69.3 kgCO2e/casket), meaning that the total production and shipping of each casket actually removes greenhouse gases from the air – this is because of the carbon in the wood that is sequestered in the ground upon burial.