Thoughtful Exit Planning - A Step-By-Step Approach that Eliminates the Overwhelm of Doing What We All Know We Need to Do to Plan for our Family's Ease

October 25, 2019

Living Will, Dementia Directives, CPR Directives and MOST forms

The standard Living Will only comes in to play in very limited circumstances, and does not address our stronger likelihood of our biggest fear, living with advanced disability or dementia.  We will consider different ways to access an “exit ramp” if you find yourself not living with what you define as quality of life. We will also discuss the specific use of the CPR Directive and the MOST Forms.


Group size is limited to 13 participants
Advance Registration Required by Oct. 6

$175 Full Series - Six Sessions 

$35 per session if paid individually  (onsite)

$45 Materials Fee (required)

Includes indexed Exit File™ step-by-step binder 

RSVP to Sue at or 720-884-6878

The Natural Funeral
102 W. Chester St.
Lafayette, CO 80026
United States
(720) 515-2344

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