The Promised Landing: A Gateway to Peaceful Dying. A mixed evening: author reading; explore the new paradigm Our Dying Territory; contemplative guided recitation.

February 4, 2020

Join Boulder author Bart Windrum for a mixed, interactive evening. Hear Bart read select passages from his newest book, The Promised Landing: A Gateway to Peaceful Dying; take an introductory tour of Our Dying Territory (Windrum’s Matrix of Dying Terms), which identifies and names a range of dying situations that replace the oversimplified, generic “ICU or at home”; and participate in a contemplative guided recitation exploring this new way of seeing, and planning for, the deaths we want—and don’t want—given our 21st century dying milieu. If you question whether what you’ve learned so far is sufficient for the peaceful death you want, and sense that something’s been missing, attend this rich look into the personal and systemic lure of overmedicalized dying. This could be the first session of a series; if there’s enough interest we’ll continue.

Signed copies of Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One’s End-of-Life Hospitalization and The Promised Landing: A Gateway to Peaceful Dying will be available for purchase this evening.

The Natural Funeral
102 W. Chester St.
Lafayette, CO 80026
United States
(720) 515-2344

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