Practically Dying
Surviving the Holidays - When You’re Supposed to be Happy But You’re Not

November 7, 2019

Surviving the holidays when you’re living with a painful loss is difficult.

For anyone living with a painful loss, regardless of your culture or faith, the expectations that you’ll be happy during the holidays may be overwhelming and unwelcome. Memories — good or painful – may be more likely to come up. It can be confusing and alienating not knowing how to participate, or how to withdraw.

In this single-session LIVE on-line group, we’ll support each other to develop strategies that honor our own needs and help others support us.

Join us and discover how to identify your needs and learn the gift of caring for yourself with compassion.

We’ll also talk about how to carry your self-care into the post-holiday season. Handouts for yourself and others are included.


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