Ordinary Magic, with Kim Mooney

Practically Dying
Ordinary Magic, with Kim Mooney

November 17, 2019

Rituals for Grief and Gratitude

All lives have times of deep gratitude, feeling awe for what namelessly fills our heart, and times of deep grief, wondering if we will ever see color or light again.

Ritual brings power and shape to those times by stirring our hearts and spirits to bring their strengths to our experience. As we carry an intention to enrich the meaning of a time or event, we also allow it to shape us.

In this day-long workshop, Ordinary Magic, we’ll explore the substance of time-honored rituals and the alchemical power of personal ritual.

Using storytelling, art, a labyrinth walk, and personal symbols, you will understand the nature, purpose and effect of ritual as an approach to life, and learn to create personal forms that you can use in any situation at any time.

Events change us. Rituals transform us.

Cost is $90




11898 N 75th St.
Longmont, CO 80503

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