Mark Vogenthaler

Beloved father and grandfather, Mark Thomas Vogenthaler, went into sudden cardiac arrest while at home and passed away on Sunday, August 6th around 2:00 A.M. at the Denver Health Emergency Room. Paramedics and medical staff performed CPR and tried to resuscitate our father for nearly an hour but were unsuccessful. His sudden death came as an unbearable shock for our family.
Mark (67) is survived by his wife, Keiko Sato Vogenthaler (64); his children, James Koji Vogenthaler (29), Amy Yuka Vogenthaler (28), Thomas Seiji Vogenthaler (26), and his offering child Alicia Kuhlmann (22); and his grandson Atticus Takashi Vogenthaler (3).
Mark was born in Denver, CO on July 9th, 1956, and adopted by his parents Thomas and Joan Vogenthaler. He got married and blessed to his wife Keiko on January 12th, 1989 as one of the 1275 church couples. Together they brought four children into the world. James on August 19th, 1993; Amy on February 14th, 1995; Thomas on May 15th, 1997; and Alicia on September 9th, 2000 who is an offering child to the Kuhlmann family. Then they welcomed their first grandchild Atticus on September 20th, 2019.
Mark was a lifelong resident of Denver, who briefly spent time in Oakland CA, and other parts of Colorado but always returned to Denver as his beloved home city. He loved music, films, grilling, learning about history and politics, but most of all family gatherings were his most favorite way to spend time. He joined the Unification Church over 45 years ago and built close relationships with many members throughout his life. He was a dedicated and loving father who loved his family more than anything.
The funeral service will be a seonghwa ceremony hosted by the Unification Church on Monday, August 15th at 10:00 AM at the Colorado Family Church (3400 W 14th Ave, Denver, CO) where flowers, donations, and condolences may be offered. Please wear white clothing instead of black if you plan on attending. Mark will be buried at the Foothills Gardens of Memory Cemetery in Longmont, CO.
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  1. Thomas, I want you to know that you and your family are in my heart! I am so so sorry to hear of your loss of your dear father.

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