Best friend to everyone she met.

A pillar of light

An empath

She felt everything with the entirety of her heart.

This gave her the ability to love with all her heart, a gift not many have.

She made sure everyone in her presence felt seen. Heard. And loved.

A brilliant academic. She often achieved awards for her display of ingenuity.

Even graduated High School early with the hopes of becoming a lawyer committed to helping families.

Lover of pho, anime, dancing, flowers, and her baby sisters. Believer of enchanted bonds,

magical moments, and the good in everyone. Her favorite color: yellow, to match the light

she carried everywhere she went.

Laila will be a legacy in the hearts of her family and her friends; being kept alive through the

lessons she taught us and the examples she set.

Her body lies at rest, but her spirit will continue to shift shape into clouds of electric light

embedded into our hearts forever.


July 31, 2003 – March 31, 2023


A celebration of life will be held on Sunday April 30th from 12:00-2:00pm

At the Copper Leaf Gardens and Event Center

1200 Miramonte St. Broomfield, Co. 80021

We ask that you please wear bright colors. Her favorite colors are yellow and turquoise.

“She was gracefully dancing on the waves. She finally understood how she could feel so detached from the world yet feel at one with it.”


Please visit Laila Marie’s GoFundMe page at:




6 thoughts on “Laila Marie”

  1. I’m Laila’s friend Josie, we met in highschool and became friends. I miss her a lot. She was such a nice girl, genuinely, I’m not just saying that. Everyone who met her would think so.

  2. Laila and I got really close in highschool and even though we drifted she was a big important part of my life for many years. The memories and the pictures I have of her will forever keep a huge place in my heart. I miss her more than words will ever be able to express. She was such a caring and beautiful soul who was taken to soon.
    Rest easy my sweet beautiful girl..
    I love you always.

    1. Oh beautiful girl, I’ve been thinking so much of you recently. I ran across so many of our photos of when we lived together, homecoming together, all the memories we shared. The day I met you in the mall with Kade. A day you, Caylee and I decided we were bestfriends. We drifted but I never stopped caring…. The world is so cruel, the light you brought is still shining down. You were one of the few beautiful souls that we all needed. I miss you. Forever and always sweet girl.

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