Kathleen “Kitty” Pong

             Our beautiful Kathleen “Kitty” Pong, 78, of Denver passed away on Sunday, November 6th, 2022. She died peacefully at home, surrounded by love.  Kitty was born in Winona, Minnesota to Oscar and Adele Ties. She spent her early years on the farm with her five sisters and three brothers. After graduating from college, she took her first-ever airplane ride- to Australia! While there, she met her lifelong partner, Ray.  The duo taught together overseas, traveled, adventured, and made lifelong friends in every port. Eventually, they settled in Denver, Colorado where they made a home and raised their two children, Zachary and Whitney.
             To know Kitty was to know warmth. She was always quick with a smile and had a great sense of humor. She could make anyone feel like an old friend, and in her own words, she could ‘talk to a fence post.’ Kitty found so much joy in life’s simple pleasures.  She worked at a garden store because she loved the smell, kept sharpeners around the house because she loved a perfectly pointed pencil, and oh- the pens! She loved her pens. Her stationery collection was also impressive, and she was an incredible correspondent- whether in postcard, birthday card, or letter form. After a few years of being unable to communicate and move freely, she is now able to fly with the butterflies, and flit among the fenceposts.
          Kitty will be missed beyond words. She made the world a kinder, brighter place.  A celebration of life will be held in spring of 2023, details to follow.
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6 thoughts on “Kathleen “Kitty” Pong”

  1. Kitty made everyone comfortable and we all felt welcomed whenever she was there. All our love to the beautiful family of Kitty, we are thinking of you all, Ray, Zachary and Whitney.

  2. My dear friend Kitty was a true gift to the world and all who knew her. We met in college where we shared midnight phone calls and late night runs to deliver final English papers. We flew to Australia together and shared amazing, laughter-filled adventures treasured for a lifetime. We raised beautiful children and captured snapshots of time as they grew up. We shared favorite authors, collected just the right stamps to match the stationary for the countless letters we wrote and shared a love of pens. The times together were amazing.
    Kitty’s voice brought joy and laughter to me – always. It rings in my ears and fills my heart even as I write. We have all lost a treasure. But we have also been truly honored to have shared precious time with this amazing lady. I will miss her always , but can’t imagine my life had she not been my dear, dear friend.
    Ray, Whitney and Zachary, Paul and I send our love and deepest sympathy. We are here for you , always.

  3. The first time I met Kitty I immediately thought how lucky Ray was, to have met a kindred spirit to share life’s adventures with…not to mention the love that produced Zach and Whitney. Kitty was a voracious reader, and always had great recommendations for me. A generous, open and levelheaded soul…a guiding light. How wonderful it was that Kitty was surrounded by love and Ray’s devotion. Well done, Ray, Zach, and Whitney.
    Love, Connie and Weldon

  4. Miss Kitty, with the great combination of intelligence, kindness and impishness in your eyes, we will miss you.
    To Ray, old friend, and to Zach and Whitney (and
    Apollo, who I know misses her too), I squeeze as much warmth as I possibly can out of my heart, and send it to you. -Lilla

  5. Thank you for this wonderful album of photos—her warmth and joyful spirit shine through. Aunt Kitty was such an inspiration to me—her sense of adventure and sheer bravado in striking WAY out when she was young set a great example to me. (And her love of Australia somehow must have filtered down to me as I ended up marrying an Australian!). She was a devoted godmother as well, and never missed sending a birthday card and newsy update in her singular, sassy voice. I am so glad she was at home and surrounded by love at the end, as she has been all her loving life. Sending my love to ever-devoted Ray, Zach and Whitney. May your many dear memories of Kitty be a blessing in all the weeks, months and years ahead.

  6. I will miss this very special lady. She was always so nice to me and my boys. She made us laugh. We worked nights together in the er and that is where she told me of her adventures. I learned a-lot from you Kitty I will forever keep you in my heart and prayers.

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