Karen Jean McHugh, 66, passed away peacefully on Friday, August 21st, 2020 in Boulder, CO.

She is survived by her two children Christina (Craig) Ceranna and Shawn McHugh; grandson Habi and granddaughters Maddie and Ava.  She was preceded in death by her parents: Doris M. Wick and Byron F. Kinzel; sister Cindy Kinzel; brothers Greg Kinzel and Jeff Kinzel.

Karen was a graduate of McCluer High School in Florissant, MO. She was passionate about social work and volunteered for Hospice.  She was a loving mother and enjoyed being a grandmother. Karen spent her last few months in Colorado where she was able to enjoy the mountains and spend time with her family.

Family will receive friends and gather to share memories on Sunday, September 6th between 11:00am and 1:00pm at the Old Peace Chapel in St. Charles, MO. Karen can be honored  by sending a gift to rainbowsforkaren.com.  In her memory, the family will honor the causes she was most passionate about and work to change the future of Mental Healthcare.

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  1. I am so saddened to hear about Karen. We spent a lot of time together starting after high school thru mutual friends. Maybe Karen was still in school, kinda not sure about the time line. I do remember of going to a relatives house, perhaps grandparents in some small town in Illinois. Not sure if I drove or someone took us. We stayed a couple of days I believe. I graduated in 71.But I don’t remember seeing her at McCluer, that last year the school had gone on split sessions and she came the second session. During the summer of maybe 70’ Karen went on a camping trip with my family to Blue Springs. My mother during her life never forgot that she swears Karen saved her life when my mom’s raft deflated in the middle of the springs and my dad didn’t take my mom’s pleas for help serious but Karen did and helped my mom get to shore. Not sure how much I saw her between 71 and 74. I know I did, just don’t have specifics. We then both went to apply for a waitress job at Burnham’s Opera House, this was late 1974, we didn’t realize it was a bar and we were both under age but the owner saw Karen said she looked like his wife and hired us both on the spot. I was only 6 months away from 21 but Karen was a few years. No matter, Karen being Karen fit right in and worked at night and pulled in the tips. I worked the lunch shift. We made a road trip in 75’ to Tennessee, met a friend and traveled on to Galveston TX and stayed with another friend. Once back in St.Lou we kinda drifted but then when she married in 76” I was part of the wedding party. I must admit I remember very little of that whole affair. I then moved to Oregon but remember seeing Karen on visits home and she came to my wedding shower in 84’ and I think our reception later the same year. I believe she came alone. Karen got more attractive the older she got. I remember thinking that she looked so good at my shower, her hair was beautiful. After that I lost touch, I’m not sure why…. time and distance. I came from a pretty “normal” household, middle class, white bread -haha so I remember her life being a little tumultuous although she didn’t talk about it much. I’m glad to hear that she had her children and grandchildren to love. Sometimes going down the rabbit hole of the internet can turn up sad surprises, this was one of them.

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