Our beloved Kaleb Stonacek passed unexpectedly on April 11, 2022 in Berthoud, Colorado.

Born March 15, 1985, he is survived by his mother, Marian Stonacek and her husband Scott White of Longmont, father Mitchell Long of Los Angeles, sister Korin Stonacek of New Zealand, grandparents Richard and Rosane Stonacek of Berthoud, and a huge circle of loving family and friends.  Born in Oceanside California, he was raised in Boulder where he graduated from Shining Mountain Waldorf High School in 2004 and attended CSU until 2009.

Kaleb was a force of nature from the beginning.  He began life as an exuberant and determined toddler who had to ask about the meaning of everything he saw.  He was fiercely protective and loyal to his younger sister. As a child he had an enthusiastic wit, sly smile and infectious laugh that made those around him recognize his happy-go-lucky spirit.  He grew up with twelve cousins of nearly the same age.  He was their fun captain, not just because he imagined wild adventures but because he made sure even the youngest ones in the rambunctious group knew they were included.

Sports were a life-long passion, both playing and as a spectator.  Kaleb played basketball in high school and was always ready for a game or a round of frisbee golf.  He trained in mixed-martial arts for many years and the strength and focus of that discipline carried over to the courage with which he approached his traveling life.

Kaleb loved experiencing new cultures and the natural beauty of countries around the world including Southeast Asia, South America and New Zealand.  He became a keen and insightful observer of the human condition and never hesitated to engage in a thoughtful debate. From each trip, he returned with a new portfolio of photographs and vivid stories.  He was especially proud of wildlife photos, a passion which began during a summer working in Alaska.

Kaleb was our strong one.  He cared intensely for his family and was the first to volunteer to help in any circumstance.  His empathy was deep and he felt others suffering as his own. He brought his heart to the role of caretaker and did service for others as a matter of course.  Kaleb will be missed by everyone that knew him.

His life will be celebrated at the Altona Grange on Saturday, April 16th at 10:00 am.

2 thoughts on “Kaleb Stonacek”

  1. Our deepest condolences for your lost. His insight of remarkable photos will be always remembered along with his smile.
    Jeff, Rozina and Arielle Mortensen

  2. Dear Marian – my heart feels so tender for you and all of Kaleb’s family. Please know you are being held in the arms of love. ?Margie

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