A viewing of Kai for people to say goodbye will occur on Wednesday June 23, 2021 from 10am to 2pm. The viewing will occur at The Natural Funeral at 102 W Chester St, Lafayette CO 80026.

From 10am  to noon, Kai’s body will be visible. From noon until 2pm, his body will be shrouded.

He will be buried at 3pm at the Lyons Cemetery. Out of respect for Kai’s family, the graveside ceremony is by invitation only.

There will be celebration of life memorials hosted by Kai’s mother and father with details to be announced.

7 thoughts on “Kai Lucero”

  1. I’m so sad to hear of Kai’s passing. While we weren’t close friends, we seemed to be more in contact through 2020 when I left the US and more so after my cancer diagnosis. I can’t be back in Colorado in person, but I’m holding everyone close to my heart and in my prayers during this time.

  2. I am happy to have known you all in the past, when Kai, was a little fellow. I always thought he was one of the most adorable kids ever. Kai turned into a beautiful young man. A light has left the world. I know in my heart of hearts that we will meet again in the heaven worlds where redemption awaits us all.

    I’m so sad for you parents, Kristiana and Josiah and Kai’s sister and all your loved ones. In deepest sorrow I send my love. Terry L

  3. Hi my dears the is Lee summers I really hope
    You remember me, Kai was my dear friend and like a brother to me please let me know if there is anything I can do.
    I will be attending the wake tomorrow and would very much like to be there for the funeral but I understand if you wanting to keep it small. Much love grace and all of the things.

    Kai will never be forgotten and he is such a dear I will miss his smile his music and seeing him grow. I will be forever honored by his memory and love as friends that we shared.

  4. I am deeply sorry for the loss of a bright soul. I did not know him personally, but he was a great friend to both of my siblings. May his life be celebrated, and his soul surrounded in light.

  5. Kai was an adorable, sweet, caring guy. We adored him. Humans are so resilient, yet so very fragile.
    Sending love from the Grabers in Mn.

  6. i love you kai i met you in las vegas when you cane to see meow wolf with my son dominic. i have no idea what honestly and actually happened with you…your state of mind….what or who else was or mght have been involved…but i know i will see you again…and you are truelly beautiful. i love you !

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