Jonathan Tinker

During the week of January 7th, 2024, Jonathan Tinker seemed ready for another life adventure when he quietly passed in his home in Boulder, Colorado at the age of 63. He was found by a friend January 9th, his official day of death.

Jonny was born in Duarte California on September 27th, 1960. He grew up in several Southern California towns playing outside most of his young life. He loved visiting the beach, mountains and desert. He grew up in a family of readers and maintained a lifelong habit of going to libraries. The family enjoyed music listening to a variety of styles. Jonny was introduced to Rock and Roll at the tender age of 8 through the Beatles song “Hey Jude” and his musical interest grew from there and remained throughout his life.
Throughout his teen years, Jonny rode his bike and walked for hours at a time with friends. He always tried to make it home for dinner and enjoyed home cooking.
After high school, Jonny received his culinary certification from College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California. He spent the first half of his adult life with a variety of cafes and dining establishments often being the one updating the menus. His food smelled and tasted incredible. He was a hard worker who also enjoyed landscaping projects and physical labor. He also had an aptitude for remembering sporting facts which helped connect him with a wide variety of people.
After traveling for 25 years in the lower 49 States, Jonny found himself in Colorado and Boulder County became his home. He treasured the vibrant people and natural beauty.
Jonny’s belief was everyone should love one another. He wrote songs about love especially lost love. He gave away his songs to musicians in whatever area he lived and was proud when they sung them publicly. He could not be persuaded that his song writing might be valuable monetarily.
Jonny is the last of a patrilineal ancestry of Tinkers that dates back to 1537 with the birth of Randall Tinker in Berkshire England. He was a musician and choral instructor at Eton College. Captain John Tinker was the first Tinker family member to leave England in the 1600’s and establish the town of Groton Connecticut, the Tinker Family home for centuries.
Jonny was born with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. He battled addiction his entire adult life. He had many episodes of sobriety which his family and friends treasure for he was fun to be with and is lovingly remembered.
In Jonny’s Remembrance, please donate to a musician in your area and say “for Jonny” or to Boulder Bridge House 4747 Table Mesa Dr. Boulder, CO. 80305. Jonny would also like friends and family to listen to “Get Together” by The Young bloods.
The family of Jonathan Tinker wishes to thank all people, organizations and businesses that reached out and showed Jonny kindness through the years.
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3 thoughts on “Jonathan Tinker”

  1. Will miss you Jonny, you were one of a kind. From your good hearted hyjinks to your magnetic personality, you were always genuine, kind and compassionate. My altime favorite Jonny story is the time you called me at two in the morning, asking for advice about what to do because you fell asleep in the bathroom of a restaurant, and it was now closed and alarmed up. I advise you to relax, make yourself a sandwich, and simply wait for the restaurant to open in the morning and simply walk out like you own the place. Only you could pull that off.

  2. I will always love you. And I’m so sad that your gone. Thank you for all the love and laughs and adventures. You were there my first day in Colorado and my last day. I wanted to take you with me but Boulder was your place. You are truly one of a kind. Until we meet again Jonny. I love you!!

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