October 7, 2002 – May 23, 2022

Jerome was born on October 7, 2002, in Golden, CO, to Cheyenne Ruth Kowal and Jerome Thomas Nolan III (JT). His birth was a true celebration, with numerous members of the family there to welcome him to this world.

Jerome, also known as Romey, graduated from Wheat Ridge High School in May 2021. He was a valued team member in several restaurants, and was saving money to buy a car. Romey was planning to go to Colorado Mountain College in the fall. Jerome’s earliest school days were at Compass Montessori in Wheat Ridge. In second grade he chose to go to Jefferson County Open Elementary, where he attended Middle and part of high school. Romey played the clarinet, xylophone and drums. He also liked to sing, although only a few lucky people had the opportunity to hear him belt out a song (sometimes ones he made up, and sometimes ones he knew and loved).

A sensitive, creative soul, Jerome was also a bit of a dare-devil.  He loved dirt biking, flag football, skateboarding, skiing, swimming, boating and “hamming it up!” On the more tender side, Jerome was a lover of polar bears and dogs — a real dog-whisperer.

Earning four belts by the time he was nine years old, Jerome was a committed martial artist. He then went on to become a well-trained jiu jitsu artist as a young teen.

Jerome was always very vocal about the need for reform in both schools and rehabilitation centers, advocating for more connected and compassionate care of people whose needs, unique gifts, sensitivities and insights fell outside of the norm. He, himself, felt things deeply, both physically and emotionally. Throughout his ups and downs, and all his challenges, Jerome was known for his kindness, his sense of humor and for his love of family and friends, especially his cousins and little brother Leland.

Jerome suffered from a disease known as addiction, and even after several rounds of treatments, tremendous love, support and guidance from his parents and extended family, and a true desire to recover, Jerome died of an overdose of fentanyl.  He tried. We all tried. Addiction is no joke.

Words cannot describe how deeply he is and will always and forever be missed by those who loved him.

Jerome has a large and loving extended family. His parents, Cheyenne Kowal (Damon Lange) and JT Nolan (Moira Slevin Nolan); his brother, Leland Amiél Kowal-Lange;  grandparents, Connie Bailey Kowal (Dave Mueller) and Tom Kowal (Annette Kowal),  Joyce Trost Meyer (Dan Meyer), John and Mary Slevin, and Susan Lange. Jerome’s grandfather, Jerry Nolan, was especially close to Romey for many years, until his passing a year ago. Jerome is also survived by numerous cousins:  Henry and Bailey Wolfe, Ryan and Finn Ryan-Kowal, Grace Treston-Kowal,Tomina North Kowal, Levi Mueller, Liam and Hannah Hohl, Silas Mueller, Callan and Camden Lyon, and Malia and Sullivan Slevin; aunts and uncles, Sofia Maria Kowal Wolfe (Jason Wolfe), Matthew Ché Kowal (Molly North), Joel Kowal,  and Jeremy Kowal; Keil Mueller (Alli Bratt), Patrick Mueller (Kristine Whittle) and Anneke Mueller Hohl (Patrick Hohl); Jennifer Nolan Lyon (Ashley Lyon); great-aunt Kathy Babb (Jeff Babb). And numerous  (and we mean numerous)  other relatives and friends.

If you were unable to attend Jerome’s memorial, you may view it here:  https://boxcast.tv/view/kowal-memorial-zsaizhmc4bms1ut5zxv4

Much love to all of you for your support of Jerome and our family.

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  1. Beautiful! Makes me feel close to him in Spirit. Makes me wish I had spent time with him and known him better as a person.
    I also feel the love and devotion that his more immediate family members dedicated to helping and healing…something we are all here to do.

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