Jan(et) Louise Gorski January 22, 1959 – May 13, 2023

Jan(et) Louise Gorski, age 64, passed away on May 13, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of love, adventure, and cherished memories. She will be deeply missed by her family, friends, and all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Jan(et) was born on January 22, 1959, and throughout her life, she embraced a wide range of interests and pursuits. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, with a Minor in Mathematics, demonstrating her passion for the field. Jan(et) dedicated her professional life to several esteemed companies, including Martin Marietta, Hughes Aircraft, Advanced Systems Engineering, CIBER, and Scitor Corp.

While Jan(et) never married, she cultivated meaningful relationships with a large circle of cherished friends and family. She held a special place in the hearts of her surviving siblings, Joann, John (Gina), Jim (Brad), as well as her nieces and nephews, Tammy, James, Michelle, Jenny, Neil, Daniel and Emily. Her presence will forever be remembered by her great nieces, great nephews, and cousins.

Jan(et) was a woman of many passions and found joy in various activities. Her love for photography captured countless beautiful moments, while her adventurous spirit led her to explore different corners of the world through travel. She found solace in nature, often venturing on exhilarating hikes and indulging in the art of birding. Archaeology and rock art fascinated her, and she eagerly absorbed knowledge on these subjects. Jan(et) was also an avid reader and possessed a green thumb, tending to her beloved garden.

As we bid farewell to Jan(et), we celebrate the life of a remarkable woman who lived each day with curiosity, kindness, and a zest for life. Her unwavering love and vibrant spirit will forever be cherished by all who knew her.

Jan(et) Louise Gorski is preceded in death by her loving parents, Irene and Joseph, as well as her brother, Joe. Although her physical presence is no longer with us, her memory will live on, reminding us to embrace life’s wonders and to hold dear those we love.

May Jan(et) find eternal peace, and may her family and friends find comfort in the cherished memories they shared with her. In lieu of flowers you might consider a donation to The Nature Conservancy, Wildlife Conservation Society, or Global Fund for Women.

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6 thoughts on “Jan(et) Louise Gorski”

  1. Jan, It was with great sadness and disbelief I read about your passing. I’ll relish the times we went exploring the West together, looking for rock art. In fact, I think I introduced you to your first rock art site. May your adventures continue ; just wish we could share your photos!

  2. Jan and I spent many hours together carpooling to Native plant society meetings and sitting in our gardens discussing plants and which ones we planned to germinate and nurture next. As we did so our friendship also developed and matured and bore fruit. This we shared with smiles on our faces and sunshine on our fields.
    Doubtless where Jan is now she continues to plant seeds.
    Thanks for helping me to grow my beloved Jan.

    Yours Always,

  3. Jan was a delight to spend time with whether hiking, talking about gardening or rock art. Her nature pictures were a delight to see.

  4. Not what I expect to discover when sitting down to check email. One of my favorite people to hike with at the conferences, and for a long time a continuing conversation online. Sad to think I won’t renew that friendship at the next conference.

  5. I’m sad to hear Jan passed away and also very surprised. I have many fond memories of carpooling and hiking to rock art sites with Jan.
    I will miss seeing her at conferences and will also miss her knowledge and enthusiasm for rock art.

  6. I did not know Jan I came across a beautiful photograph today at the Habitat store of a Red Shouldered Hawk. I instantly fell in love with the way the photographer captured it’s beauty.
    I purchased it and on the back found Janet’s information I was eager to contact her and tell her about my find and let her know I will always treasure
    this. I was so sad to read she had passed.
    I am honored to have one of her photographs.
    I am so sorry for your loss.

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