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Many people who care deeply for the earth are astounded when they begin to consider the impact that end-of-life arrangements can have on the environment. Fortunately, more natural solutions are gaining popularity, and options are becoming easier to access year after year. If you are in the position of needing services for funeral home and cremations in Boulder, CO, please consider taking time to learn what solutions are available.

The Natural Funeral is a holistic mortuary established in response to the need to have a comprehensive end-of-life resource center for families wishing to pursue greener options. The compassionate and professionally trained staff at The Natural Funeral are passionate and heart-centered people. We promise to care for your deceased and your grieving family with dignity and respect as we would our own. This center has opened access to many amazing choices for greener final disposition.


Available Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Boulder, CO

With a variety of services offered, we feel confident that our expert staff can help you find arrangements that are satisfying. In fact, many of our clients have expressed that having these options has been comforting to them. They are very grateful to have such gentle and holistic choices available to lay their loved ones to rest. Some of these services are briefly detailed below:

  • Water Cremation: A green option that is also known as alkaline hydrolysis. Essentially the process uses water and alkaline compounds to rapidly break down the physical remains to bones and a nutritive liquid biofertilizer. As with flame cremation, the bones can be further reduced to a more uniform consistency that we refer to as “cremains” or “ashes.”
  • Flame Cremation: More well-known is the process of flame cremation. After legal requirements are met, the intact remains are placed within a lightweight cremation container. These contents are then consumed at high heat within a secure chamber. All remaining particles are then collected and to be processed into “ashes” for final disposition. While much less environmentally invasive than modern burial practices, there are still concerns about releasing greenhouse gases and other toxins with this practice.
  • Green or Natural Burial: This is the most ecologically natural protocol for final disposition. This typically entails burial at a site that does not allow embalmed bodies or external burial containers like vaults. The landscaping is natural, with native plants and vegetation growing. Only biodegradable caskets and shrouds are permitted to house the body of the deceased.
  • Reverent Body Care: This practice refers to our trademarked process of gently preparing the body for burial or cremation. It includes washing the remains with natural products and using pure essential oils as a final honoring ceremony. The deceased will then be dressed in the selected burial attire. Family members are invited to be present and help with this process if they choose.
  • Home Wakes and Vigils: This optional service can be supported by The Natural Funeral staff. This gathering may be held at home after the passing of your loved one. It is a time of acknowledgment, witness, and paying last respects to the departed. As an act of blessing and honor, Reverent Body Care may be included at this time.
  • Chapel Space: Our chapel space is available for vigils, wakes, Reverent Body Care, or small memorial/ funeral services desired by the family. The beautiful beetle-kill pine-crafted sanctuary is adorned with silk drapes.
  • Celebrant: A Funeral Celebrant is trained to help the family gather stories and put together the honoring service for the deceased. Many of our clients are significantly supported by this service.
  • Memorial Services: Memorial services are typically held without the body of the deceased present. Because we advocate for natural disposition options, memorial services often make the most sense for our like-minded clients. We have opportunities to support these services both in person and via Zoom for digital access.


Pre-Arrangement of Services

Arranging for funeral home and cremations in Boulder, CO, ahead of the immediate need, is a wonderful option that can bring peace of mind. It may also offer the eventual surviving family members direction and comfort. Planning for pre-needs may be done when death is approaching or well before there is a need. Prepayment of services is also an option that may protect against future pricing increases.


Sourcing Ecologically Sustainable Merchandise

We are pleased to highlight the work of area artisan funerary products in our center. Many of these locally made products include caskets, burial shrouds, and uniquely designed urns. By offering products that align with our philosophy of lessening the ecological footprint, we make it easy for our clients to choose well-made, beautiful gifts for the earth.


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Funeral & Cremation FAQ’s

Is funeral a ceremony?

  • A funeral is a service that commemorates, honors, and sanctifies the deceased. There are a variety of ways to commemorate the life of the deceased, depending on the society. A funeral service (also known as a celebration of life) is a funerary ritual held without the presence of the deceased person’s remains. Click to Learn More

What is the ceremony after a funeral called?

  • The reception after the funeral, which is sometimes called the wake, is an opportunity to mourn the passing of the person who has died and, as importantly to express their condolences and support for the deceased person’s close family. A wake is also sometimes held in place of a funeral as a social celebration of the person’s life. Click to Learn More

What to do when death occurs at home?

  • You must contact the police and an ambulance if the death was sudden. The second call you can make is to a funeral home to hire a licensed funeral director to complete the death certificate and clear the body from the home. Click to Learn More