Frank Calvin Peterson, age 73, passed away on December 6th 2018, in Lafayette, Colorado at Good Samaritan Medical Center. His spirit was released from his worn-out shell of a body, however now has the privilege to explore the universe and beyond in luxury and pain free. 

Memorial Service- (Open Service) For all family and friends; will follow in the spring or summer with head stone placement in Evergreen, Colorado.

More details to come!

Frank was born February 6th 1945 in Denver, Colorado to mother Jean (Billiard) Peterson and father Frank Peterson. 

Frank thought of himself as a ladies-man, well… the women in his life were numerous, however he sure fancied the intelligent and beautiful ones, they sure left their marks and they sure have their stories. 

Frank had a unique history of employment choices, some, people would be curious to hear about and some, people are better off not knowing. However, if you knew Frank you would have known about his passion he had for “The Hogs” (those who don’t know this term, it’s the love for Harley Davidson Motorcycles). Frank has a wide array of memories he is taking with him that are now much more precious and have more value than all the gold and silver found in his luggage treasure trunks or the nickel chrome that wraps each Harley. He traveled where he wanted to travel, laughed inappropriately ever chance he could, learned what he wanted to learn, fixed what he wanted to fix, and loved who he wanted to love. 

Frank had some serious health problems the last few years, but fought and was surviving (until the point his body gave) with the help of his daughter Lynette, son-in-law Morgan, grandson’s Corey and Cameron, and great granddaughter Taylor. As well as the extended support from other loved ones and close friends. 

In addition to his parents, Frank was preceded in death by his beloved son Troy Peterson. 

Leaving words from the brief case of Frank Calvin Peterson – Biker’s Prayer:

God, I know you are real.

Thank you for being in the wind with me even before I ask. Thank you for your son,

JESUS, who died for me.

Forgive me of my sins; for I truly repent and turn to you.

JESUS, I ask you now to come to my heart and that we might ride together daily.

I dedicate myself and scoot to serving you. Thank you, LORD, for my salvation!

Thank you, for I am now “In HIS Wind.” 


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24 thoughts on “Frank Calvin Peterson”

  1. Dad~~~~

    I miss you terribly ? you are in no more pain you fought hard and fought to get things takin care of. I’m going to miss our laughs, our talks and our bickering at times. But I just want you to know I love you more than anything ?. Cameron misses you so much!!? Rest Easy Dad?? Until we meet again ? Your daughter, Lynette ??

  2. Even though I never had the privilege of knowing Frank, the father of a very good friend & previous co-worker of mine, I know the love he had from his family, especially from his daughter Lynette! She spoke of her father often, and was always so excited when her vacation came around so she could go visit him. So Frank, I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you after you moved here to Colorado, but just know that if you were anything like your daughter, you were loved by all, even me! RIP but remember you will be riding in heaven in the wind with your “hog” friends that have gone before you!
    You are loved by,
    Beverly & Rick Popanda

  3. Our love story began December 2009 when much to my surprise and delight I received a beautiful Christmas card from you. We got together again as longtime friends then a huge spark of love was ignited in both our hearts. We were both lonely souls. Ya know, Honeybear, as the years went by we both tried so hard to make our long distance Idaho – Florida relationship work but things always got in the way. But we remained special friends – always there for each other. I will spend my life loving and remembering the happy moments we shared. There’s a hole in my heart where you used to be. Rainbows and waterfalls Burly Man.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that the world has lost Frank. I remember good times spent with Frank and Susan up in Pine Junction and at the Will ‘O the Wisp with a big smile.

    Best wishes to his family.


  5. In your last days, you fought the battle bravely and with the determination to set things in order, and you did it, Frankie. Now the battle is over, you’ve done well and have earned the rest and peace that you deserve. Lilli and I enjoyed all our luncheons together and our conversations about your preparations to make your passing. You are Loved by us and all your Friends. Thanks for everything and the many good times we had over the years. Rest well and Fare Well, my Friend. Bob and Lilli Harms.

  6. Frank Calvin Peterson, (Frankie), it is hard knowing that we can no longer just pick up the phone and talk. After I would call you to see how you were doing, discuss things you were working on, or to offer advice, you never ceased to amaze me. You were so positive, upbeat and your contagious laughter would always make me feel better after we talked, even when I was really down. It was sad watching you go through all you did but may your contagious, positive attitude in difficulties be an example to all that experienced your friendship during those times.
    On the other hand, we will greatly miss the year after year, day after day of continuous partying with a trillion good times together. Our good times were just the beginning of being in the wind of eternal life. Your leaving words above sum it up. Our sincere belief in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for us will surely join us together in eternity. Until then, check in on us when you are passing by in Spirit.

    God Bless your Family and Friends
    Ronnie & Lisa

  7. We didn’t know Frank well, but we know he was beloved by his family. Sending our love from California in the Clark family’s time of loss.

  8. R.I.P. Frank you are free now no more pain ??? You will be so missed by your loved ones Rest easy you are in heaven with Jesus I could only Imsgine what your eyes will see … Hallelujah glory to a god ?? You are already so missed by your family and friends but your spirit is in heaven oh the beauty. Lynette you are my best friend and I’m hear for you always if you need to talk or just break down my shoulder is yours now and always I love you I will be praying for healing of your loss and for our Father to comfort you all at this time God be with you ???

  9. Oh Frank my man, dang we had plans to do lunch on nov 30 when the wife i came to town and i blew it i got caught up with the granddaughters b-day stuff. Well Frank im going to miss you bro you are a good man Frank and i liked all your stories. My heart goes out to you and your family we will see you and talk trash on you in the spring time at your party god bless you bro chat at you later, Don.

  10. Dad?

    Tomorrow 12-18-18 we lay you to rest in the most beautiful place , Evergreen Memorial Park “ , you will be surrounded my nature the mountains and all the wildlife you can imagine “ You will live on forever in our hearts ?Bompo , Dad and Frank “ Love you so much popparooo . ???Morgan ,Lynette And Cameron ?

  11. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today, 12.18.18. I did not know your father but was glad to talk to you about his passing and sharing his pictures with me, yesterday. Carrie.

  12. Will always remember Frank as Santa at our house in Bailey. What a sweet guy! Fun old times. RIP
    Love and prayers to your family.

  13. Frank always had amazing stories to share at holiday dinners – ones that usually ended with a wink if the kids were still at the table. He clearly loved life, travel and adventures. We know he will be greatly missed by his family and we are very sorry for your loss.

  14. Frankie; Naomi and I are so thankful we got to meet up with you in New Orleans recently to enjoy your “bucket list ” tour eating our way thru town. Our last cocktail together watching the Bucs and Saints play. Remembering our weeks spent on your Idaho property “glamping” in our motorhome. The bike trip with Steve from Poway thru the mountain snow down to Mexico; ending up in the Hells Angels clubhouse. Ride easy Brother; I miss you terribly but will see you again. But not yet. Jimmy

  15. We will miss you frank- your kindness, humor, and general attitude. Now you can rest.
    Molly & Will Caster

  16. Merry Christmas ?? Dad .. I have that ham in the oven we talked about having Xmas ! We all miss you , I have a candle lite by your picture I walk by every few minutes just to take this all in ? It’s weird not having you here ? I will always remember our good times .. ?? We love you soooooo much ??

  17. frankie, we had a whilwind life and romance from the day we met . my privalege to have had known you and loved you. rest in peace.

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