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Doug Szycher (February 14, 1950 – September 15, 2019) wore various hats throughout his lifetime: artist, Naval sailor, Neil Young fan, spiritual seeker, retailer, outdoor enthusiast, entrepreneur, husband, handyman, orchid expert, father, Western-style horse showman, landscape designer, divorcé, vegetarian, elite in-line skater, endurance bicyclist, health nut, gardener, certified personal trainer, Harley Davidson motorcyclist, husband again, minister, animal communicator, movie buff, and sound healer. 

Although he was born in Bayonne, New Jersey and graduated from Woodbridge High School (New Jersey), he made Colorado home in his twenties. Upon completing his Vietnam-era military service, on a drive from California to New Jersey, he landed in Nederland in the middle of a snow storm. That was it! He fell in love with the mountain air and wild terrain, and spent the remainder of his life in Colorado, eventually settling in Louisville (where he lived for nearly 30 years). 

He began his stay studying art at the University of Colorado, but found it challenging to remain inside. He loved hiking Colorado’s trails, canoeing the lakes, and kayaking the rivers. While most of his military service was spent in Japan and the Mediterranean, once he was out of the military, he also traveled to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, as well as rafted down the Grand Canyon on a white water adventure with his son. He not only loved the outdoors, but also enjoyed the creatures he met along the way—including the ringtail cats who stormed his tent in the Grand Canyon, and even the bear in Yellowstone who climbed into his truck to eat his chewing gum.

Although he developed and expressed many talents, Doug’s greatest strengths included his steadfast kind-heartedness and applied creativity. He cultivated traditional yogic, Hindu, Buddhist, and psychic practices, but his true spiritual expression emerged in his own brand of kind, compassionate patience and presence. His ability to be with people, and his genuine interest in the human experience, made him a wonderful conversationalist. He could talk with people he had just met as though they were old friends (because to him, they were).

Additionally, his ability to transform space was magical. At home, he created a backyard park, full of paths lined with flowers and fragrant plants amid the mature trees. For others, he helped to design and recast their indoor and outdoor living environments. The beautiful and creative application of his work demonstrated his commitment to serving others by bettering their lives.

On September 15, 2019, he died in a tragic accident. While riding his motorcycle on the Peak-to-Peak Highway on a sunny afternoon, he was hit by an oncoming vehicle that had unexpectedly bounced into his lane. He died instantly, and his body came to rest next to a stream in Peaceful Valley. May both his body and spirit find peace.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Stanley and Doris Szycher, and survived by his wife, Heidi Szycher, son, Ben Szycher, older brother, Stuart Szycher, and younger sister, Allene Maroney.

The memorial service for Doug will be held on Friday, October 4, 2019, at the Boulder Psychic Institute (1332 Pearl, 2nd floor, Boulder CO 80303) at 3:30pm. It is open to the public, and will be followed by a pot luck. Dress comfortably.

Memorial gifts are accepted at GoFundMe: “Honoring the Spirit of Doug Szycher.” (https://www.gofundme.com/f/honoring-the-spirit-of-doug-szycher)

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11 thoughts on “Douglas Stanley Szycher”

  1. Doug! How can you be gone so soon? You were our handyman but you fixed more than the squeaky door and the broken pipe. Your presence is still here, like it always was after you left. You were the most kind and gentle person. Our town is less of a place without you. We will miss you forever, our dear friend. Doug Szycher.

  2. Doug was a learner–a listener and a learner. As a perpetual student of life, Doug was always eager to understand more deeply, whether it was about the environment, animals, plants, history politics or peace on earth. And he asked about and listened to your point of view. And he was concerned for you, concerned about how you were doing, what you were up to and what your plans were for your future.
    He was as personally invested in each individual he met as he was about the world around him. And Doug embraced each unique individual as a valuable and important part of his life and of this world. That’s why Doug and Heidi were so beautiful together, sharing values and learning adventures. We’re so grateful for the time they had with each other. Love always.

  3. Aw, Doug! You were such a kind, sweet, and gentle soul. You brought so much light into my life and the BPI community. Thank you for being a kindred spirit. I miss you so much, but I look forward to having more adventures with you on the other side!!

  4. Sweet Doug-

    You fulfilled your spiritual contract but left the rest of us with a hole our hearts! Although we never met in person, I was blessed to “see” you through the eyes of your beloved companion animals and always enjoyed the times we did animal communications readings together.
    Your dogs and Heidi’s cat know that you have crossed, they are ok and promise to look after Heidi for you – making sure she has a life filled with love and just enough chaos to keep her on her toes! You are missed! Blessings!!

  5. Doug was among my very short list of favorite people for many reasons. Mostly because he was so genuine, kind, and caring. He was exactly himself and never pretended to be anything else. He was one of the very first people I meet when I moved to Colorado and I remember my first conversation with him. At the time I remember thinking “I like this guy. I have to get to know him better”. Which over the years I did. I enjoyed very long bike rides and very long conversations with him on countless occasions. We talked about many things and about how much we loved Colorado and being in the mountains on our bikes. And how blessed we are to be able to live here and experience its beauty. I know that the place that he left this world, was one of his favorites because we had often biked there together and he told me how much he loved that particular area. Yes it is a tragedy, but it is also consoling to me at least that he was there in a place he loved and enjoyed. Doug was just a one of a kind person that I feel better as a person having had the privilege of knowing. The world needs more people like Doug. I will miss him and will always remember him. Words do not adequately express anything I would want people to know about Doug and my friendship with him. God bless him and his family.

  6. I knew Doug mainly as the man who was smitten with Heidi. I first met him at BPI when I and another woman did his first reading. We didn’t talk much but I watched while he developed spiritually and his authenticity and good nature touched everyone around him. He brought light to the darkness. The world is a much better place due to Doug. I really hope he learned or learns how to project those singing bowls into this dimension. I’ll be listening. Thank you Doug.

  7. I only had the pleasure of meeting Doug very recently, but was immediately touched by his presence and consciousness. He was and is a sweet soul. The love and respect he and Heidi have for one another was a joy to be around, and will endure in a different form. May he soar with the angels.

  8. I am so sad to hear this Heidi! I received your card yesterday and am still shocked by it. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, but will call you soon. I’m sorry I never met Doug, as he sounds like someone whose company I would really enjoy. We have quite a bit in common I’d say. He definitely sounds like someone who made the world a better place. Love to you and all Doug’s other friends and family!

  9. Doug was just the sweetest, kindest friend. I met him in 1987, I think, when we (my 8-year-old daughter and I) rented an apartment on the top floor of his house. He was so generous and helpful to us; we stayed friends for years. I can’t even imagine him gone. He was one of those beautiful souls who should have lived to 100 – for the benefit of everyone who knew him. We always had great talks and I loved hanging out with him. I can still hear his laugh. He was just the best — there is no other way to describe him. The world has lost a wonderful man.

  10. I just learned, and what a sad, sad shock. Doug was a very nice man, gentle, intelligent, spiritual, and a good handyman, who had just changed the locks on my house. This is a tragic loss.

  11. I am so very sorry to hear of the tragedy of your husband’s passing. Although I never met him, I’m saddened by the loss of such a revered soul on the physical earth plane. I believe he is with all who loved him each time he is remembered or thought of. Heidi, please find peace and comfort in your memories and the knowledge that you will be together again some day.

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